Granby Post and Beam Homes Beautiful Custom Post and Beam Timber Homes

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Granby Post and Beam Homes

  • Beautiful Custom Post and Beam Timber Homes

Order Your Granby Home with Confidence.

Your Satisfaction is our Priority

Beautiful Homes that will last

Total Cost Analysis

  • Your Granby Home will be completed for about $120.00 per square foot.

  • A Timberframe or Log home will cost much more by completion

Striking Beauty

Why Granby?

  • Custom Home Companies are advertised everywhere but Granby’s unique building system sets them apart from all other Home Companies.

  • Authentic timber Post and Beam building systems represent the oldest standing wood structures in the world today.

  • You can be assured of Granby’s High Quality, Value and Service.

How Do You Proceed?

  • Choose a Granby Model or send a copy of your proposed floor plan for pricing.

  • We will provide you with your Granby Package estimate at no charge.

  • Once you receive your estimate you place your plan deposit to draft the home plans.

  • With the completed plans you will receive your purchase agreement guaranteeing your purchase cost and delivery date.

  • We finalize the Purchase Agreement and you place your production Payment.

Now to the Finish Line

  • Your home is delivered on the date you have scheduled.

  • At the same time Granby’s on site supervisor will arrive for your site supervision.

  • The site supervisor will stay to get you or your contractor through the timber portion of your package.

  • From here on it is conventional framing and your contractor can easily finish from here.

Your Future Home is Waiting!

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