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Consonant Classification

Good Afternoon !

Our lesson is “Classification of Consonant Sounds

Today we will do :

  • Learn consonant classification
  • Get handouts
  • Twist tongues
  • Discover fun-facts

Consonant Sound

A sound produced with an obstruction to the air stream.

The word comes from a Latin oblique stem.

But it is said that it means “sounding-together”

English consonants are usually classified according to the following principles :

  • I) The type of obstruction and the manner of the production of noise.
  • II) The active speech organ and the place of obstruction.
  • III) The work of the vocal cords and the force of articulation.
  • IV) The position of the soft palate.

According to the type of obstruction English consonants are divided into :

  • Occlusive
  • A) noise consonants

    B) sonorants

  • Constrictive

According to the manner of the production of noise occlusive noise consonants are divided into :

  • Plosive consonants :
  • Affricate consonants :

Constrictive consonants may be :

  • Fricatives :
  • Sonorants : median and lateral.

According to the active organs of speech English consonants are divided into: labial, lingual, glottal.

Labial (Lab) consonants may be :

  • Bilabial (Lab-lab) -----
  • Labio-dental (Lab-tish) -----

Lingual (Til) consonants may be :

1) Forelingual (Til oldi)

A) Apical -

B) Cacuminal -

2) Mediolingual (Til o’rta) -----

3) Backlingual (Til orqa) -----

Glottal (Bo’g’iz) consonants may be :

1) Dental -----

2) Avleolar -----

3) Palato-alveolar -----

4) Post-alveolar -----

According to the work of vocal cords, consonants are divided into :

  • Voiceless :
  • Voiced :

According to the position of the soft palate consonants are divided into :

  • Nasal :
  • Oral :

The Ubykh language has 2 vowels and 84 consonants.

Tongue Twister Time !

Uzbeks call a cuckoo “Kakku”.

Thank you all for paying attention !!!

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