Group: Cadet: listening part 2

Q25. Why can no one answer the phone? A)

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Q25. Why can no one answer the phone?
A) It’s Sunday. B) It’s late at night. C) It’s moved to another place.
Q26. A new phone number is 847 …
A) 0296. B) 2296. C) 2269.
Q27. A new address is 98 … Road.
A) Warnock B) Warnick C) Wearnock
Q28. When does the new office open?
A) 21st May B) 20th May C) 23rd May
Q29. You can get a present if you spend … pounds or more.
A) 315 B) 350 C) 305
Q30. What else can you get for free?
A) a plane ticket B) a beautiful cap C) a travel bag.
Part 1
Read and complete the sentences with the words given after the text.
There is one example.
Hi David,
I’m Q0 … that you will be with us Q1 … weekend! A friend of mine plays in a band and they are going to play a Q2 … concert on Friday evening. Q3 … you like to go and see my friend playing with her group?
We must decide what to do on Saturday. We could either take a trip down the River Clyde Q4 … a boat (I’m sure you’d love the beautiful nature) or we could go and see a football match. Can you tell me Q5 … activity you’d like to do?
I wanted to ask your advice about something. I’ve Q6 … started to learn Italian Q7 … I only Q8 … one hour of lessons every week. Can you give me Q9 … advice on how to Q10 … my Italian as quickly as possible?
All the best,
Q0 A) happy B) sad C) fine
Answer: A
Q1 A) last B) next C) that
Q2 A) small B) tall C) wide
Q3 A) Could B) Would C) Should
Q4 A) at B) by C) in
Q5 A) what B) which C) why
Q6 A) just B) yet C) already

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