Guidelines for Authors of Vestnik St. Petersburg University: Mathematics

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Guidelines for Authors of   

Vestnik St. Petersburg University: Mathematics 

I. Publishing terms   

1.1. The journal publishes original, yet unpublished research in mathematics and mathematical 

articles in the field of management, computer engineering and computer science.   

The authors should prepare submissions in accordance with these guidelines. Manuscripts should 

be submitted by e-mail.   

1.2. All manuscripts are subject to peer review. A decision on acceptance (or rejection) of a 

manuscript is made by editorial board of the series after review and discussion. 

1.3. Publication is free of charge. 

II. Completeness and format of copyright materials   

2.1. Each manuscript should contain   

•  the list of authors and their affiliations, addresses and e-mail addresses

•  title of the manuscript

•  introduction (information on preliminary research with literature references and problem 


•  the main part;   

•  references;  

•  abstract; 

•  keywords;  

•  contact information for the corresponding author.   

2.2. Requirements for registration of the manuscript.   

Paper should be submitted in a 

 format with Windows CP1251 encoding


 or article and printed in two copies on A4 paper. Please use default font 

and line spacing (10pt, single). The line length should be 14 cm, the height should be 20 cm, the font 

color should be black. Formulas should be numbered on the right-hand side in parentheses. All units of 

measure should be according to the International System of Units (SI). The author should avoid forced 

format text using commands 



, etc. Do not use outdated commands 




; use 





2.4. Tables should be prepared using standard environments 




. Figures should 

be made in eps format and inserted into the paper by 

 tools. Furthermore, figures must be 

submitted to the editor as separate files. Tables and figures are numbered with Arabic numerals 

sequentially numbered. If the pattern (table) is alone, it is not numbered. It is allowed to include names 

of the tables and captions under the pictures. Reference on the preceding table (figure) in the text is 


2.5. References are listed at the end of the article. For the format, please check one of the latest 

issues of Vestnik St. Petersburg University: Mathematics. The references in text should be numbered with 

Arabic numerals in square brackets it the order of their appearance in the text, including the 


2.6. The manuscripts of article should not exceed 10 pages; the manuscripts of short 

communications should be 4 pages.   

2.7. The submission should include: a *.ps or *.pdf file of the manuscript; the manuscript in 

 format (file name should be 

Name Art.tex

, e.g. 

Smith Art.tex)

; abstract and keywords 

in a separate file (file name should be 

Smith Abs.tex

); files of illustrations in *.eps format (file name 

should be 

Smith Fig 1.tex

); and information about authors (file name should be name 




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