He advantages of aerostat-borne systems

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 Up to more than 20,000 Ft.

Detection Range & Coverage:

 Around 200 - 300 miles

Availability/Mission Duration:

 Long and continuous operation (several weeks)

Data Collection Over Time:

 Build up of data base

Low Operating & Maintenance Costs

Ideal environment for Electronic Sensors:

 Large and stable platform

Payload Weight Capacity:

 Up to 2,500 kg



RAFAEL's Aerostat-Borne Surveillance and Targeting Systems offer cutting-edge, multi-sensor solutions

for a wide range of Defense and Homeland Security needs. These solutions are based on more than

three decades of experience in design, integration and operation of Aerostat-Borne systems which are

operationally first rate and cost effective.





An Aerostat-Borne system is composed of three major packages: an aerostat platform, variety of

sensors, and operational centers with Command & Control capabilities.



Aerostats are unmanned, aerodynamically shaped

blimps that are buoyed aloft, tethered to the ground

by a single cable

The aerostat is made of a large fabric envelope

that is filled with nonflammable helium, which

provides the lifting force

The tether also serves to supply the electrical power

to the aerostat systems, and for data relay between

the aerostat and the ground station



A variety of electronic systems, single or

combination, are mounted on the Aerostat

depending on the exact application

The most common electronic systems to be

installed on an aerostat, include Surveillance

Radar, Elint, Comint, Observation and

Communication systems


ommand & Control and

Operation Centers

Within the operation center, the total situation

awareness picture is built up and control over

reaction is handled through it

Main functions of the control centers include:

Control over the aerostat platform and the

electronic sensors

Data processing and integration for the build up

of high quality situation pictures

Initiation and control of response operations


erial Early Warning

Assures crucial airspace dominance, providing

early warning and airspace control

Generates high quality air-picture including timely,

full, and accurate data

Operation costs are a mere fraction of the costs of

AWACS like aircrafts.


ilitary Intelligence

Supports collection and interception of a variety of

data types and wavelengths

Serves to build up intelligence database to support

tactical and strategic decisions


nti-Terror / Homeland Security

Enhances homeland security against acts of mass


Provide improved airspace coverage

Supports build up of database over time for

identification of irregular events

Provides increased coordination between

surveillance and response units


order & Maritime Surveillance

Provides cost-effective solutions for wide area

surveillance and detection

Potential uses include monitoring border areas,

and maritime surveillance

RAFAEL is an aerostat systems house, offering cutting edge,

interdisciplinary multi-sensor solutions. Based on more than three

decades of experience in definition, design, production, integration

and operation, RAFAEL’s aerostat-borne systems are operationally

first rate and cost effective.

RAFAEL, with its long-standing experience in aerostat systems,

offers its customers tailor made solutions. These solutions are

based on two mandatory and crucial capabilities: technical dexterity

of high-level system integration, and concept development and


Behind RAFAEL's systems stands an extensive infrastructure,

including unique test ranges, advanced simulators and state-of-

the-art laboratories. RAFAEL has significant experience both as

an independent integrator and in joint projects with other defense

companies. Its specialized divisions provide complete and tailored

solutions , meeting the sophisticated defense needs of the new


RAFAEL, Israel Armament Development Authority Ltd., is a world

leader in the development and production of defense and weapon

systems. RAFAEL employs in-house know-how in key technologies

to provide cost-effective, state-of-the-art systems and solutions for

military and homeland security applications. With 4600 employees

and annual sales of more than US $ 760 million, the company was

established a growing presence in the international market.

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