headline, ‘Man, 80, (2) embarbs on epic journey across Canada.’ Woman: What does the (3)

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Midterm test 2
Complete the conversation with words from the box. There are five extra words.

adolescent article circulation elderly embarks headline

idiot limit move on one-way prison relief
sentenced shame toddler took off zone

Man: Wow! Look at this (1) headline , ‘Man, 80, (2) embarbs on epic journey across Canada.’

Woman: What does the (3) artisle say?
Man: Apparently this man has just decided to walk from one side of Canada to the other. It says he had a heart attack last year so he’s decided he wants to do something different.
Woman: What an (4) idiot !
Man: Why?
Woman: Well he should have done something like this when he was younger. It’s not the kind of thing for an (5) elderly person to do.
Man: Yeah! Well, he couldn’t do it before because he spent 25 years
in (6) prison !
Woman: What for?
Man: I’m not sure. It says here that he broke the speed (7) zone , but you don’t go to prison for 25 years just for that! … Oh, that’s why.
Woman: What? What did he do?
Man: First of all he robbed a bank, then he drove the wrong way down
a (8) one way street and he hit a mother and her (9) Adoleseenet . At his trial the judge said he was a danger to society and (10) Senteneed him to life in prison. Now it turns out he wasn’t driving but nobody believed him.
Woman: What a (11) shame !
Man: Yes, but he says he’s not angry. He just wants to (12) move one and make the most of the years he’s got left.
Choose the correct word to complete these sentences.
(13) Can you get me a bottle / jar of milk, please?
(14) People who love shopping and shop all the time are called shoplifters / shopaholics.
(15) You really should take advantage / advice of our special offers.
(16) Sorry, I bought it by / in mistake.
(17) It’s really difficult to live on / off less than £100 per week.

Choose the correct word, a, b, or c to complete 18–25.
(18) When did you a) book your tickets?
a) book b) do c) pay

(19) No, you don’t need to b) do a deposit.
a) book b) do c) pay

(20) Make sure you a) arrive early for your flight.
a) arrive b) do c) pick up

(21) Don’t forget to c) make the packing the night before.
a) choose b) do c) make

(22) It’s so difficult to a) choose a good holiday destination.
a) choose b) do c) make

(23) Buy a map so you can a) find your way around.
a) find b) do c) choose

(24) How did you b) choose your hotel?
a) arrive b) choose c) check out

(25) You can leave your luggage behind the reception desk after you
b) book .
a) check out b) book c) pick up

Read the text and match the events in the box to the five people. Be careful! There are three extra events.
Leaving school Leaving home Graduating Starting a new job
Getting married Having children Moving to a new town Retiring

(26) Maria getting married
(27) Bob retiring
(28) Jay leaving home
(29) Sanita having children
(30) Phil starting new job

Life can be full of surprises, but most of us know that there are some moments when we are faced with decisions that can change everything. This is what five people said about the times where their lives took completely new directions.

It shouldn’t have come as a surprise. After all, we’d known each other for five years, but once we finally made things permanent everything changed. Now I wake up every morning knowing I’ll be with him for the rest of my life and it just makes me so happy. (Maria, 28)

I thought I’d love having lots of free time, but I guess after 45 years of knowing what I was going to do each day suddenly having so much time just came as a shock. Unfortunately I’m bored a lot nowadays! (Bob, 67)

I was really looking forward to it, but in the end I missed my parents so much. I never realised just how much my mum did for me! (Jay, 18)

Everyone told me it would change my life forever, but I never really thought it would. I guess having twins made it even harder, but I never thought I’d be this tired. Some days I just want to go to sleep as soon as I get up in the morning! (Sanita, 25)

It’s great. I really hated my old one and I’d been looking for more than a year, but I never thought I’d get this one. When I went for the interview I got so nervous so I was really surprised when they phoned me up and asked me when I could start. (Phil, 35)

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