Hemis tasks task 2 score-9

Task 2. Some students accessed the websites below. What did they use the Web for? Use words from C

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Alisher Navoiy. Mahbubul qulub, text, nurimova Dil..matem.mustaqil, Nurimova Dildor 3-amaliy, Nurimova Dildor 3-amaliy, Maqsad Boshlang’ich sinflarda sinfdan tashqari o’qish (1), 3-maruza Geometriya tarix, Maktab geometriyasi, ingliz tili maqsad, labor 1, Ichki nazorat (2), Dis.ya.Muxammadiyeva Munira
Task 2. Some students accessed the websites below. What did they use the Web for? Use words from C.
T ask 34. What are the main parts of this URL? How would you say the URL?

LESSON 10: E-mail.

Task 1. A manager is giving his colleagues some advice on how to prevent spam. Complete the sentences with the words in the box.

Mailing list spam email address newsgroups spammers

1. Never ever reply to a…………………email or click on a link within the mail – this will lead to more junk email being sent to you. Unsubscribing only confirms you do actually exist, so they’ve hit the jackpot.

2. Don’t let your email address be displayed anywhere on the Internet, including………………, chat rooms or any websites.
3. Never forward a spam to other people - …………………might be able to track their addresses too, and you could end up losing friends!
4. Send your emails on a strictly ‘need to know’ basis; don’t include everyone on a………………. unless it is really necessary.
5. Treat your ………………..like your phone number – don’t give it out randomly. Try to use a different one when shopping online.

Task 2: Language work: Questions
A. Look at the HELP box and then make a question about Sue Clarke for each of her answers
I’m 23 years old
2. ____________________________________________________________________
I’m an online researcher
3. ____________________________________________________________________
I use the Internet to find information requested by clients
4. ____________________________________________________________________
I’ve been doing this job for six months
I graduated from university in 2006

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