HillCityGatheringPlace. Org “ Building Relationships one Cup at a time!“

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HillCityGatheringPlace.Org “ Building Relationships one Cup at a time!“

  • Which way is GOD asking us, as a ministry to join HIM in what HE is doing or wishes to do in the Central Black Hills area?

  • What are the Individual and Family area needs that the Gospel of Jesus Christ can meet?

HillCityGatheringPlace.org Our Mission Statement

  • Our Mission

  • To provide a daily, comfortable, friendly, year round "Gathering Place" for the purpose of building relationships and opportunities to present Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord to the Hill City Area and to develop disciples to carry out the Great Commission

  • (Matthew 28: 18-20)


  • A Heart for others as God has given us through others

  • Gather and build New Relationships by inviting people to one event.

  • Invite those new relationships to other events at the Hill City Gathering Place.

  • Those who show more interest, develop opportunities to share Christian values and the Gospel of Jesus Christ

  • High Priority given to Prayer,Evangelism, Discipleship

  • See current calendar of events at:

  • www.HillCityGatheringPlace.org

HillCityGatheringPlace.org OT:08 Promo Video

  • Operation Timothy is a great way to disciple. It is an opportunity for you to build a relationship with another believer or seeker, either one-on-one or in a small group. It doesn’t set you up as a teacher or someone with all the answers. It allows you to be a follower of Christ on the same journey toward intimacy with God the Father as your disciple or small group.


HillCityGatheringPlace.org Retreats and Events

  • Bet you have never been to a retreat like this! Past years we have stayed at High Country Ranch for teaching, fellowship, black powder gun shooting, rock climbing, wagon rides, horseshoeing, and FOOD and lots of it! This fall we plan to top these! Friday...Arrive at a Black Hills rural location for an evening meal, getting to know each other around a campfire, singing, teaching, and camping under the stars. Saturday...After breakfast...teaching, sharing, and then transportation to High Country Ranch by a choice of mountain bike, horse back, wagon ride, or auto to High Country Ranch.  After lunch, rest , and free time, there will be more teaching and sharing before supper.


  • Future Studies Possible Increase Your Profitability...     "Business by the Book" Family Spending Plans    Improve your Parenting Better Communication     with your Spouse Parenting Skills Group

HillCityGatheringPlace.org CBMC FORUMS

  • Faith in the Workplace

  • Do you feel like you're going it alone, while facing the tough challenges of business?

  • You do not need to be alone. There are other business leaders seeking to follow Christ in the workplace who are willing to meet with you.


  • Manage Your Spending

  • in a Whole New Way! Financial freedom doesn't come from having a large income, instead it comes from managing the money that you earn. Discover the real key to reaching financial freedom by using the most effective money management system ever. Mvelopes® Personal is an award-winning online home budgeting system that helps you look to the future and plan your spending accordingly. With Mvelopes you can easily create an online home budget, track all your spending, and always know exactly how much you have left to spend in every category. Mvelopes gives you access to all your financial information anytime, anywhere – from home, work or your mobile phone. More at...http://crown.mvelopes.com/


  • We provide a monthly newsletter, regularly updated website, and blog for communication to all interested.


  • Board Members Appointed:

  • Pastor Brian Anderson, Lighthouse Church, Hill City, SD

  • Muriel Anderson, Licensed Counselor, Christian Life Ministries, Rapid City, SD

  • Marci Eben, Director Young Life Ministries, Hill City, SD

  • Jack Jewett, Pres. Advantage Mortgage and Realty Corporations, Hill City, SD

  • Mary Orum Jewett CPA, Hill City, SD

  • Larry McCaskell, Co-Owner, High Country Ranch, Hill City, SD 

  • Dana Medlin, PHD, School of Mines and Technology, Rapid City, SD

  • Brian Powers, Attorney At Law, Lake Worth, FL 

  • Lynda Pringle, Hill City, SD

  • Pastor Ronald Walker, Little White Church, Hill City, SD

How did we arrive at the Gathering Place

  • I have been asked why we feel we should open such a place as the "Hill City Gathering Place" Since 1989, when I became a Christian, I have grown to realize that God has called me to join Him in working in Men's Ministry. This involves working ultimately with their wives and families. I believe men feel accepted by God through me and are willing to follow me in a growing relationship with God through His Son Jesus. There seems to be a growing felt-need in the Hill City area for such a comfortable interdenominational ministry center in the form of a coffee house. A coffee house that folks can meet in a comfortable, safe place to build relationships with each other through conversation, music, small group studies, and small community meetings. Area residents, local leaders and pastors are very much encouraging such. As coordinators of the center, we feel prepared, qualified and called to operate such a center since we have had years of training in evangelism and discipleship through CBMC (Christian Business Men's Committee) locally and statewide. At this time, God seems to be inviting us to join him in what he is doing in the area versus statewide ministry.

Hill City Area ministries Inc. dba “HillCityGatheringPlace.org”

  • Dollars needed for expenses…

  • Monthly and Annually.

  • Here is where you could help.

  • Annual Taxes………………1,400.00

  • Annual Ins(Ministry)………. 800.00

  • Annual Ins (Flood)…………1,469.00

  • Total Lump Needs………..$3,669.00

  • Snacks, coffee, tea, etc……… 100.00

  • Monthly Rent………………. 900.00

  • _________

  • Monthly Financial Needs….$1,000.00

Hill City Area ministries Inc. dba “HillCityGatheringPlace.org”

  • Do you share our heart for the lost in this area?

  • Are you interested in helping?

  • Do you wish to invest in the kingdom in this way.

  • Can you help with a lump sum gift

  • Be one of 20 persons @ $50 a month or

  • One of 5 @ $200 a month?

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