Hold a spoonful of honey in your mouth, then fly flies by itself!

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Task 2

  1. Toshmat's mother called a doctor.

- A fly flew into my son's mouth. How can I pull out it?

"Hold a spoonful of honey in your mouth, then fly flies by itself!" That's what I'm gonna get for.

When the doctor came, the mother put a fish in her son's mouth.

"What did you do?" I said to you to get honey!

“Yes, I did, but now I have to take the cat out of his mouth.”

  1. In the pharmacy.

"Give me two boxes of gluconate calcium!"

- What else?

"Give five or ten boxes of puppies!"

"Where are you hurting?"

"I'm not in pain." We wanted to play drafts with my friend.

  1. The language-literature teacher bought a talking parrot. The next day he came back to the bird store and said:

"Sorry, the parrot you sold to me yesterday was ridiculous."

- Why? Speaking of?

- No, it's hard to find some verbs in the sentence.

4. The lion organized a race for animals in the woods. Of course, the rabbit outstriped everyone. Once the animals come to the fin, there is no rabbit. Several bones are scattered on the ground. The lion was asked:

"Where's the rabbit?"

- He did not pass a dope test. So I put him off for the rest of his life.

5. She said to her friend:

"Believe me, my Eshmatboy has started to walk independently!"

"No, really?"

- Yes! He left the bar yesterday and came home alone.

6. . - Tashtoshvoy, how much does your father earn?

- Two hundred thousand rubles.

- How much will he bring home?

- Eighty thousand.

"What's the matter, don't you know math?"

"No, you don't know my dad."

7. Tutorial:

- Students! Never kiss the animals! It can cause various diseases. So who can give an example?


- Iiiii!

- Bring it here!

- My aunt had a parrot. My aunt kissed him every day.

- And what?

"The parrot is crazy."

8. . Болакай бувисига деди:

— Бувижон, менга минг сўм бериб туринг! Пенсиядан қайтараман!

— Ие, бу нима деганинг? Сен пенсияга чиққунингча мен аллақачон оламдан ўтиб кетаман-ку!

— Э, мен сизнинг пенсиянгизни назарда тутаяпман.
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