Holidays of Uzbekistan

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Holidays of Uzbekistan
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Holidays of Uzbekistan
Uzbek people celebrate the Independence Day on the first of September. This year we celebrated the tenth anniversary of the independence.
Besides we have the New Year’s Day on the first of January. Usually we welcome the New Year’s Day with our family and friends. On this day we give presents to all the family and make merry.
There are some other holidays in our country. On the eighth of December we celebrate the Constitution Day. There are also two Moslem holidays: “Ramadan Khait” and “Kurban Khait”. The dates of these holidays change each year.
On the eighth of March we celebrate Women’s Day. On that day we congratulate our mothers and sisters. The best present for women is flower.
In spring on the twenty first of March Uzbek people celebrate Navruz – the eastern New Year. A week before the holiday people of Uzbekistan take part in a republican khashar (collective unpaid work). Money earned on that day is donated to the Navruz fund.
During this holiday women cook palau, shashlik, naryn, khasyp and manty. But the most important dish of the holiday is Sumalak, a high calorie stew of germinated wheat.
Navruz is a holiday of mercy, on this day people forgive one another and visit lonely and disable people. Families with many children and old people receive gifts and money.
On this day streets and squares of towns and villages of Uzbekistan are decorated and full of music and songs.
One of the greatest holidays we celebrate on the ninth of May – the Victory Day. On that day all countries which fought together against the fascists celebrate the victory over the fascist Germany in May 1945. We also honour those who were killed during the Second World War.

Answer the questions:

  1. What holidays are there in Uzbekistan?

  2. When do Uzbek people celebrate the eastern New Year?

  3. How do Uzbek people celebrate Navruz?

  4. What is the most famous dish during Navruz?

Match the words from the text with the meanings in the right hand column.


Cook by long simmering in a closed vessel.


Making or becoming different.


Defeat of an enemy or opponent.


Date of an event in a previous year.


Express pleasure at the happiness, good fortune, or excellence of (a person).


Shallow flat-bottomed container for food.


To celebrate




To present

Taqdim etmoq

To change


To congratulate




to be donated

Hadya qilinadi


Idish, taom


Dimlab undirilgan bug‘doy



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