How can you explain t

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Reflection paper 3
3-sinf matematika darsligi mazmuni bilan tanishtirish metodikasi, Yil sardori tanlovi nizomi, 1654339031 (1), banner disayn, 1, limit 1, Gidravlika asoslari (D.Bozorov, R.Karimov, J.Kazbekov), Qosimov B., тест база, cdac0d3b1c0205c563603ccd5cfbc1cc, memory card, Тема 19, Doc 484bc3941ccf4c6384418cd6c75b9fe2, Информации технологии в экономике , 2-ттб Логистикада транспорт тизимлари

Reflection paper
1.In this assignment, you are asked to write a report (preparing a ppt is optional) answering the following questions on the content of the study materials given in the current subject topic in no less than 250 words.
✅ How can you explain the role of Educational Technology in language teaching?
Illustrate your answer with examples.
The idea of using technology into your curriculum and into your teaching in order to help the learning process needs to be rethought now that it is a part of our daily life. This demonstrates how technology enhances teachers' skills and gives them a variety of opportunities when teaching students the English language. For example, playing English-language videos or songs related to the subject the teacher is explaining will help the students comprehend the material more quickly and have a more positive perspective on it.Language instructors can and should use technology to improve language instruction, practice, and evaluation. Through the intelligent application of technology. Technology is a tool that assists language learners as they use the target language in culturally appropriate ways to do real tasks rather than being a goal in and of itself
What is Informational technologies in teaching foreign languages from your point of view?
Illustrate your answer with examples.
the benefits of utilizing cutting-edge, communicative information technology, which is the primary factor in raising the standard of instruction for both foreign language instruction and education
Teachers, who are regarded as the most important factor in instruction effectiveness, need to make full use of multimedia to create an authentic language teaching and learning environment where pupils can easily acquire a language naturally and effectively.
2. Develop a handout using mnemonics. (to any topic)
Handout: Create a Mnemonic

A mnemonic, or memory aid, is a tool that helps you to remember a

specific piece of information. The word mnemonic comes from the Greek
word mimnēskesthai, which means “remember.” There are many kinds of mnemonics, including rhymes, poems, acronyms, images, songs, outlines, etc.
For example, the mnemonic Roy G. Biv is a name used to remember the
order of the colors in a rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo,
and violet.
Roy G. Biv is an example of a Name Mnemonic, where you use the first
letter of each word in a list to form a name you will remember.
Another kind of mnemonic is called a Word or Expression Mnemonic. In
this kind of mnemonic, you use the first letter of each item in a list to
create a word or phrase. For example, the names of the Great Lakes can be arranged to create the mnemonic HOME: Huron, Ontario, Michigan

and Erie.

DIRECTIONS: Create a mnemonic for something that you need to
remember. Try to think of several different options. Play around with it until you come up with something memorable, and have fun!
What I need to remember: _________________________________________________
__________________________________________________________________________My Mnemonic: _____________________________________________________________
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