How to improve pupils` pronunciation

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reflection on feedback
11 sinf Informatika test 1-4 chorak, matematikadan matematik ujinlar, the last Classification of errors in teaching grammar at primary, Sobirov Sanjarbek 304A. Course work. PHI., ON (8), 8361850 q3556t4865l3689y2009h2009e210i3024, aziz, 8-Mavzu bosimni o’lchash usullari va asboblari. Reja, 8 - sinf huquq, 14-мактаб тоифа, 14-мактаб тоифа

Student: Egamberdiyeva Mohira

Group: 326

Reflection on Feedback

My topic is “ How to improve pupils` pronunciation”. I made a presentation about my theme, and also all my group mates wrote feedback on my presentation which I made. I read all the feedbacks. After reading their opinions I see my some mistakes and next time I try not to make this kind of mistakes. But some of them wrote that my information which I gave about pronunciation was less. I gave much my attention to the activities. That`s why, learners can learn pronunciation from different exercises not from data. Information also can help to speak fluently but not fully. When we practice speaking we can achieve more goals in speaking. Personally, I feel that feedback is very beneficial. Feedback is given to improve you as a person and ensure that you can do the job to the best of your ability. I am a dancer and a horse rider and both these sports involve a lot of feedback. You should not feel embarrassed by negative feedback as it is only being given to make you better. Both in horse riding and dancing, I have had private lessons during which I was given a lot of feedback and criticism to take on board. I have learnt not to be offended by it as my teacher only wants me to be the best that I can. Also in group lessons and classes, we learnt to give feedback to each other to ensure that we were all kept safe and that our group could come out on top and win competitions. I have found that receiving feedback makes me feel more confident in my work. Any negative feedback I receive makes me even more determined to work harder to ensure that I do not make the same mistake again. I feel that when you are given feedback, it encourages you to work harder due to the confidence boost and also because you want to prove to the person that you have taken their views on board and have improved.
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