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To: David Wright

From: Madina Sodikjonova

Subject: Marketing Strategies for European Operations

After considering the advantages and disadvantages of several mentioned options, we agreed that Hudson should focus on two of the marketing strategies which are hiring a top designer and developing sales using e-commerce.

First of all, we suggest that we should employ a top designer to produce a new range of smaller suitcases and shoulder bags because European customers almost more concern about the products’ quality than buyers in America. The style will be refined according to the needs of business people and young people, but we believe that the continuity of the label should be preserved throughout Europe.

Secondly, we chose to develop sales using e-commerce, to reach a wide audience. This will save on renting physical outlets, as well as attract additional audiences by mobilizing all the benefits that online trading represents.

Dear Mr. Wright, It was very good to hold a meeting about the plan of expanding sales in the European markets of Hudson Corporation, how about we get together for dinner on 16 October at p.m.6 o’clock.

Looking forward to seeing you then.

Best regards.

Madina Sodikjonova

CEO. Hudson Corporation


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