I … live in London live b lives c am living

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  1. I … live in London.

    1. live b) lives c) am living

  1. We … the rule now.

    1. understand b) understands c) are understanding

  1. Look! A girl … something on the pavement.

    1. paints b) painting c) is painting

  1. Scott… the wallet yesterday, but luckily he found it.

    1. was losing b) lost c) was lost

  1. I… English for three years.

    1. have studied b) studied c) study

  1. When the police… the car…

    1. arrived; has gone b) arrived; had gone c) had arrived; went

  1. The living room … at the moment.

    1. Is decorated b) is decorating c) is being decorated

  1. The children … outside when the lesson began.

    1. walked b) were walking c) walk

  1. The office… at nine o’clock.

    1. have been opened b) was opened c) opened

  1.  He … not far from the terminal.

    1. Is living b) lives c) doesn’t live

  1.  The windows are really dirty: they … for weeks.

    1. haven’t been cleaned b) hasn’t been cleaned c) aren’t cleaned

  1.  Last Sunday I … the National Gallery.

    1. visited b) have visited c) did visit

  1.  By the time we … to an agreement.

    1. came b) had come c) have come

  1.  Sandy … lunch with Peter this afternoon.

    1. Have b) has c) is having

  1.  Two million books … to Russia every year.

    1. are sended b) are being sent c) are sent

  1.  They …this book soon.

    1. will have read b) will be reading c) will read

  1.  At the moment Chris … at university.

  1. study b) studies c) is studying

  1. I … the fence when I heard the crash.

a) painted b) was painting c) had painted

  1. He … the new words by the examination.

a) will have learned b) has learned c) learned

  1. The letters … before you come.

a) will sent b) will have been sent c) will be sent

  1. _____ to a rock concert?

A) Were you ever go B) Have you ever been
C) Do you ever go D) Have you ever go

  1. He’s worked there _____ many years, _____ 1988, I believe.

A) since / ever B) for / ever
C) for / since D) ever / never

  1. I have _____ loved anyone as much as I love you.

A) never B) since C) for D) ever

  1. We’ve known Paul _____ two years. Have you _____ met him?

A) since / for B) since / ever C) for / ever D) never / ever

  1. I’ve known him _____ we went to school together, but I’ve _____

met his parents.

    1. ever / ever B) for / never C) since / for D) since / never

We __(26)__ in our new house for several months. Since we __(27)__

in, we __(28)__ very busy. Everyone __(29)__ to get the house ready.
So far we __(30)__ the living room and the kitchen. Soon after we
arrived the central heating __(31)__ down, so we __(32)__ to spend
a lot of money to repair it.
We __(33)__ gardening very much, but we __(34)__ time to do
anything in the garden yet. And it __(35)__ very heavily recently, so
we’ll just wait till the weather gets better.

  1. A) lives B) lived

C) have lived D) have been living

  1. A) have moved B) moved

C) have been moving D) are moving

  1. A) are B) have been being

C) were D) have been

  1. A) has been helping B) has helped

C) helps D) helped

  1. A) decorated B) decorate

C) have decorated D) have decorating

  1. A) have broken B) broke

C) breaks D) are breaking

  1. A) have been having B) have

C) had D) have had

  1. A) are liking B) liked C) have liked D) like

  2. A) don’t have B) haven’t had C) had not D) aren’t having

  3. A) is raining B) rained

C) have been raining D) has rained

  1. I will phone you at 9. - Oh, I always leave home at 8. So at 9 I ___ to work.

A) will have gone
B) will have going
C) will gone
D) will be gone

  1. In June, we ____________ (work) on this project for 2 years.

A) will have working
B) will been working
C) will have been working
D) will have been work

  1. Have you finished newspaper ......

A. still?
B. already?
C. now?
D. yet?

  1. I ..... I won't make a sound.

    1. Promise

    2. am promising

    3. did promise

    4. promised

  2. How long ... here?

a) do you wait
b) are you waiting
c) have you been waiting
d) had you been waiting

  1. Next year we ... married for a 20 years.

a) will have been
b) will be
c) will have been being
d) are

  1. Approach -

  2. Instead –

  3. Suppose –

  4. Concern –

  5. Represent –

  6. Visible –

  7. Escape –

  8. Fright –

  9. Contribute -

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