I appreciate this opportunity to introduce myself to your program

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Dear Sir or Madam,

I appreciate this opportunity to introduce myself to your program. (Fikri ojizimcha, bu gap kerakmas). My name is ___ ____. Kindly allow me to briefly elaborate the reasoning of my request:

1. Since I was young I have always had a keen interest in Economics. I have my Bachelor’s and Master's Degree in Economics sphere. In the University, I focused more on Macroeconomics and International Economics.

2. I worked at the Urgench branch of Tashkent Medical Academy as a teacher of Economic Theory for five years and I learned to be patient, working as a team, and improved my communication and leadership skills there. Now I work at the Interdisciplinary Institute of retraining of Financial-Banking staff under Tashkent Financial Institute as a head of the department since 2017. I usually go to the additional courses for self-development like international financial accounting, management accounting, and foreign languages after work.

3. Last year I have been to India in case of studying the Project Management course for six weeks. I have gained best knowledge, skills through the training and improved capability and competence to deliver an organization’s programmes or projects, resulting in increasing customer satisfaction and reputation, saving costs and utilizing resources more effectively.

4. And I believe that the Intensive programme in European Law and Economics can help me to deepen my economic skills and apply with confidence basic economic models to property rights, contracts and governance. This course is also important for me in critical thinking, demonstrating the application of models to contemporary topics in law and economics and solution seeking, understanding the origins of law and custom in the modern economy. If I learn these skills I want to do my Ph.D. in this area. Moreover, 2019 has been declared the “Year of Active Investments and Social Development" in our country and according to the State Committee of Investment of Uzbekistan (bu tashkilot hozir yo’q), this year Uzbekistan plans to use foreign direct investment 1.5 times more than that in 2018. That’s why we need more research on these issues to develop our country.

I believe that Latvia is a perfect place for studying law and economics and I am sure that it perfectly matches my research interests and profile. (buni 3-reasonga qo’shsa maqsadga muvofiq…)

I hope you will consider my application favorably and look forward to being granted an interview when I would have the opportunity to give any further information you may wish.


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