I don't want to write answers from the example of my days off

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I don't want to write answers from the example of my days off.

1. How do you spend your leisure?

2. Do you have a lot of time for leisure?

3. Do you like to spend your leisure outdoors or at home?

4. Is it difficult to decide where to go out in the evening in big cities?

5. What other ways in which leisure time can be spent do you know?

1 In my free time, I usually do a lot of activities. they are listening to music, playing video games and playing football if the weather is good for it

2. I don't have a lot of time for leisure time, I work from tomorrow to afternoon, I usually spend my leisure after work for my activities 2 hours a day.

3 sometimes I spend my free time in outdoor. I go to Chayxana with my friends every Sunday And I always spend my free time at home.

4 perhaps it is difficult to decide to go anywhere but if you want to go somewhere, you can go. I think you have a lot of choices perhaps, you face difficulty

5 there a lot of ways to spend in leisure time. For example, riding a horse, spend time with your family, go shopping, go to the movies etc.
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