I. M. Sechenov investigated the process of absorption of carbon dioxide by the solutions of salts. When Sechenov had

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1. Tarjima.

a) weak health , delicate cells- nozik hujayralar, delicate operation, smooth muscles- silliq muslik, straight surface , calm rest, sound sleep- osoyishta uyqu, strong health, deep sleep - qatiq uyqu.

b.)feel down / I felt down/ patient has slept. / i felt down termometr/ drop drugs to eye/ he is sick with pneumonia/ let to patient to walk/patient is let to sit down /physian isnt letting to me to be tired./ to provide / the our library provides to us with books.

2. 1 . Streptotoscope


I.M. Sechenov investigated the process of absorption of carbon dioxide

by the solutions of salts.When Sechenov had

investigated this phenom enon, he was able to answer the question why

oxygen passed into the blood from atmospheric gases during the act of


2 . 3 . The process of respiration: Oxygen passes‘into the blood and carbon dioxide passes into the atmospheric


The exchange o f oxygen and carbon dioxide is due to the difference of

partial (parsial) pressure o f these gases in the alveolar air and in the venous

blood. ’

2. 4 .

The brain is the centre o f a wide system o f communication. the brain performs our eyes, ears, and other

sense organs for pain, tem perature, smell and other feelings and our movements.

2.5. Unconditioned reflex consist of move, breathing , eating, sleeping and etc.

Conditioned reflex consist of knowladge of thing, speaking and etc

3. Kelasi zamonda qollang.

1, 2,3 hammasi kelasi zamoni ifodalaydi.

Inkor va soroq shaklada yozing.

1. Was The patient able to fall ......

2. Did we have to summarize and analize .......

3. Will the fifty years students be allowed ........


  • When we listen to the heart we can hear two sounds. The third sound is also heard in some young persons before the age of 30.

  • The first heart sound is the longest one. It is heard at the moment of constriction of the ventricles when the atrio -ventricular valves close.

  • The second sound lasts for a shorter period of time. It is heard at the moment when the pulmonary and aortic semilunar valves close.

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