I pray kind and the kindest Allah

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I pray kind and the kindest Allah1 for giving me such kind of knowledge and knowing about Koran.

Koran is a book of Allah and only Allah knows about us. Koran was sent to prophet Mukhammad Sallalahu Alayhi Vassalam2 by angel Jabrail. In the beginning our prophet Mukhammad (S.A.V) didn’t know to write or read, but Allah gave him knowledge. I pray Allah to let me know about Koran, and its proper pronunciation and reading. Omin3.

At the time of Mukhammad(S.A.V) began learning Koran as a sacred book. The first teacher of Koran was angel Jabrail. The second teacher of Koran was our prophet Mukhammad(S.A.V).

Then the other Koran teachers were genius people who were given knowledge by Allah. I pray Allah to make me equal to people who learned and will learn reading of Koran basis of proper pronunciation and fluently reading. Nowadays lots of Russian language population – both Muslim4 and other people want to learn Koran. Because they are believed that Islam is unique, reliable, authentic, invocatory to cleanliness, to halal, to friendship, to safe, to dedication, to obedience and it is a humanity religion. Not only Muslim, but also other people estimate Koran that this book is valuable.

Gentiles say about Koran:

“Koran – is a book which suitable whole human being, contains the fairest rules. There is not any religion which has at least an oyat5 look like Koran`s oyats. People couldn’t create this kind of oyats. ”
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