I should complete my assignment today and submit Saturday evening

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  1. I should complete my assignment ____________ today and submit __________ Saturday evening.


  1. We don’t want to go out with you. The boys told me that __________.

They didn’t want to go with me

  1. The football match was cancelled last week. Tom _________ anyway because he was.

Couldn’t have played

  1. The British emblem consists of a standing lion on the left and a standing unicorn on the right. At the bottom there is a ___________ at the top there is a crown and another lion. There is a shield in the center


  1. In those times life was hard and bitter for both of them. For a whole year, they _________ as a complete stranger to each other if they ___________.

Remained/had never met

  1. When she saw me ______ along the street, she came up to me.


  1. At first sight the answer ________ the question seems obvious.


  1. Bobur never puts _______sugar in his coffee.


  1. While we _________ a drink, a waiter a pile of plates.

Were having/dropped

  1. Because of Ryan’s skiing ______, he had to stay home in bed for one month.


  1. __________ he ______ me about his trip to Denver?

Having sat down/told

  1. Adam is so ________. He never wants to explain things two times.


  1. He is only seventeen, but he has enormous _________.


  1. Since they ___________ acting they ________ in three plays, a television commercial and two TV dramas.

began/have performed

  1. I must hurry or I will be late _______ school.


  1. This broken TV cannot _________. Let’s get rid of it.

Be repaired

  1. Jordan, together with six other Arab countries, _________ said to be ready negotiations with Israel.


  1. I _______ get a visa to go to England I am a citizen of England


  1. The main ____ of travelling by train is that it is extremely cheap.


  1. Weather experts have ______ that next summer will be hot.


  1. Global warming is _________

Gradual increase in world temperature caused by gases

  1. The headline of the Guardian was quite impressive; “Mike Tyson _______”


  1. She __________ the house when I _____ to her after a long time.

Had been cleaning/went

  1. If I __________ a student I _________ one of the happiest men in the planet. I think my dream will come true.

Become/will be

  1. We rarely go ______ with my father.


  1. There is _________ electric cooker.

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