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IBM Maintenance and Technical Support Services Service Product Line

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IBM Maintenance and Technical Support Services Service Product Line

STG Lab Services WW Mission

  • Influence STG product sales

  • STG Lab Services develops and maintains deep skills deployed in leading-edge services that help create new system value, all on a cost-recovery basis.

  • Contact STG lab services to size work required:

SVC Code Upgrade Offering

  • A software upgrade of the IBM System Storage SAN Volume Controller devices and IBM System Storage SAN Volume Controller console

  • Remote planning session to review customer questionnaire, collect environment information, document any pertinent environment information, define roles and responsibilities, review prerequisites, identify tasks, and scheduling of upgrade

  • A review of host, disk storage, and SAN Volume Controller code requirements

  • On-site resource for upgrade of SAN Volume Controller and Console software

  • An installation record that specifies the software version after the upgrade is complete

SVC Ordering and Fulfillment Information

  • System Overview

  • SVC – standard edition

    • Software
    • Hardware
  • SVC for XIV

    • Software
  • SVC Entry Edition

    • Software
    • Hardware
  • Services

  • Ordering a System using Passport Advantage and AAS

  • Reference Information

    • NEW PIDs, part numbers and feature codes
    • FlashCopy usage example
    • Metro Mirror usage example
    • Ordering Options
    • AAS to Passport Advantage Software License Migrations

Ordering Process for a New System: Summary

  • First, order SAN Volume Controller software in Passport Advantage (NOTE: 5639-SX1 is not sold in P.A., but renewals are subsequently managed in P.A.)

    • Use either of
      • tiered pricing part numbers in 5639-VC6
      • Per disk drive part numbers in 5639-VW2
    • Make note of your Passport Advantage order number
    • This SW order goes on hold until HW order is validated and shipped
  • Second, order SAN Volume Controller hardware (2145-CG8)

    • Within the AAS hardware order using eConfig, select the “software from Passport Advantage” feature code (#0017) option
      • This drives a specific order feature code that is placed in the hardware order
      • Otherwise, if a customer chooses AAS for the software, then ordering will continue in AAS
    • Enter the Passport Advantage order number when asked by eConfig
      • This will show on the eConfig output report
    • Add the Passport Advantage order number information into the AAS hardware order Remarks field
      • Format is: “PA SW order num: 1234567890”
      • For hardware orders that are not firm, use “1234567890” as a dummy PA software order number
      • Note that your SVC order will not be fulfilled from hardware manufacturing with the dummy PA software order number. It must be changed to the real order number. Be especially careful of this at quarter end.
  • Ensure that customer name and address are exactly alike on both AAS HW and PA SW orders.

Software Ordering Selection in eConfig

Ordering Process for a Software License Increase: Summary

  • Prepare documentation of the hardware system ordered previously

  • Order the SAN Volume Controller software license increase in Passport Advantage

  • Notify the DSW CSO that there is a documented existing SAN Volume Controller software/hardware system for the license increase order

    • The DSW CSO may request a copy of the documentation for their records
  • DSW (Passport Advantage) CSO:

    • SVC software orders in Passport Advantage will go into a hold list
    • The DSW CSO will release the license increase order based on the documentation of an existing system
  • Note: Use this process only for software licenses ordered previously through Passport Advantage or that have been migrated previously to Passport Advantage*

    • Increases for licenses ordered through AAS must be processed through AAS*
    • Alternatively, customers may have their AAS licenses migrated to Passport Advantage, and then process capacity increases in Passport Advantage


  • Role of two different CSO organizations:

    • AAS CSO – order input for AAS, including all SVC hardware orders
    • DSW CSO – order input for Passport Advantage
      • Send DSW CSO e-mails for this process to the group name “WW OM SME”
  • Role of SVC Project Office: Contact Sales teams whose hardware/ software orders have problems

      • Attila Kovacs3/Hungary/IBM@IBMHU
  • Role of Sales Operations: Final arbiter of difficult problems

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