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SVC for XIV Software SVC Entry Edition

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  • Software
  • SVC Entry Edition

    • Software
    • Hardware
  • Services

  • Ordering a System using Passport Advantage and AAS

  • Reference Information

    • NEW PIDs, part numbers and feature codes
    • FlashCopy usage example
    • Metro Mirror usage example
    • Ordering Options
    • AAS to Passport Advantage Software License Migrations

    SVC Ordering Logic – New Order (standard software)

    • Hardware (required)

      • How many I/O Groups (# of pairs of Storage Engines)?
        • Use Disk Magic for sizing this
      • What country? (UPS power cords)
      • Do you need Fibre Channel cables? If so, length/quantity…
      • Does the data center have dual power circuits? (Redundant AC Power unit)
      • Is this the first SVC cluster in data center? If yes, then SSPC is required for SVC console
      • Am I configuring a split I/O group? If so, order the needed LW SFPs
    • Services (optional)

    SVC Ordering Logic – Add To Existing Customer (5639-VC6)

    • Software Capacity

      • Increase base storage? If so, how much?
      • Add/Increase FlashCopy? If so, how much?
      • Add/Increase Metro Mirror or Global Mirror? If so, how much?
      • Additional years of software maintenance?
    • Software Release Upgrades

      • Ensure current software maintenance and download from support page

    SAN Volume Controller Storage Software Usage:

    • Usage is measured in terabytes (TB) and tracked based on the amount of storage managed by clusters at a customer within a country

    • Storage virtualized is derived from the total size of all virtual disks

    SVC removes physical “site” license boundary

    • SVC standard software (including FlashCopy and Metro/Global Mirror features) is now licensed to the customer (enterprise), no longer requiring customers to obtain a separate license to deploy SVC at additional physical sites within a country

    • Change applies to new software transactions and new software maintenance renewals/reinstatements only, and changing from multiple sites to a single customer identity may require customers to transfer entitlement records currently in AAS into Passport Advantage

    • Combining under one customer identity does not use any value exchange of TBs in different tiers, and customers are not entitled to any refunds for software licensing

    • For example, EZ Storage, Inc. within the UK has 10 TB SVC licensing at physical site A (London), 8 TB at site B (Manchester), and 2 TB at site C (Southampton). In Ireland it has 10 TB at site D (Dublin) and 6 TB at site E (Cork), all under current software maintenance. At the time of renewal, the customer:

    Order SVC SW by Cumulative Tiers:

    • Tier/Range Tier TB Content Cumulative Total

    • ----------------------- ---------------- -------------------

    • Tier 1 1-12 TB 12 TB 12 TB

    • Tier 2 13-32 TB 20 32

    • Tier 3 33-64 TB 32 64

    • Tier 4 65-100 TB 36 100

    • Tier 5 101-250 TB 150 250

    • Tier 6 251+ TB per TB** 250 500+

    • 251+ per 250 TB**

    • in 250 TB increments

    • Must order total quantity of TBs in each tier before eligible for ordering from next successive tier. Same scheme for base virtualization, FlashCopy and Metro/Global Mirror. TB capacity can be accumulated across all SVC clusters in a single data center.

    SAN Volume Controller Standard Software Pricing:

    • Three priced components: TIERED PRICING:

      • SAN Volume Controller Storage Software – base virtualization (required)
        • (5639-VC6) Tiers: 1-12 TB, 13-32 TB, 33-64 TB, 65-100 TB, 101-250 TB, 251+ TB
      • FlashCopy (optional) – capacity based on main source only
        • (5639-VC6) Tiers: 1-12 TB, 13-32 TB, 33-64 TB, 65-100 TB, 101-250 TB, 251+ TB
      • Metro/Global Mirror (optional) - capacity based on source and/or target for that cluster
        • (5639-VC6) Tiers: 1-12 TB, 13-32 TB, 33-64 TB, 65-100 TB, 101-250 TB, 251+ TB
    • Components priced independently on a per-terabyte of managed storage capacity

      • As purchases per TB of managed storage capacity increase, price per TB decreases;
      • Must purchase all TBs of storage capacity at one level to be eligible for purchasing subsequent TBs of storage capacity at next level with improved price point
    • Maintenance (Subscription & Support)

      • 1 (AAS/PA), 2, 3, 4, or 5 (AAS) Years Registration
      • 1 (AAS/PA) or 3 (AAS) Years Renewal*
      • 1 (AAS/PA) or 3 (AAS) Years Reinstatement / After License*

    SAN Volume Controller Storage Software Ordering Examples

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