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  • Initial orders: Order the 2*, 3*, 4* or 5* year registration PID and feature codes by quantity of disk drives that will be managed by SVC for the base virtualization and for FlashCopy and/or Metro/Global Mirror. The quantity of drives ordered for FlashCopy and/or Metro/Global Mirror must match the quantity of drives chosen for base virtualization
  • Renewals: Order the 1 or 3* year renewal PID and feature codes for the base software and any optional software (orders for 1 year renewal, following a previous 3 year SWMA, may require manual assistance from your CSO contact). There are no renewal options for 2, 4, or 5 years.

FlashCopy* Usage in SVC Entry Edition

  • In order to use FlashCopy on a SVC cluster with SVC Entry Edition, the total disk drives of the FlashCopy license must match the total disk drives of the base virtualization license.

FlashCopy Ordering Example for SVC Entry Edition

  • Initial Order Example:

    • Customer requires virtualization of 48 disk drives of storage with 1 year maintenance
      • About 3/4 of these virtualized disks will go into production usage and the remaining virtualized disks will be available as FlashCopy targets
    • No matter what the usage plan in mind, a FlashCopy license for 48 disk drives is required
    • Passport Advantage:
      • Quantity 48 of D0581LL - SVC EE SW LIC+SW MAINT 12 MO
      • Quantity 48 of D058BLL - SVC EE FLASHCOPY LIC+SW MAINT 12 MO
    • AAS:
      • 5639-VW2:
        • Quantity 48 of FC 0001 SVC EE BASE VIRT w/1YR SWMA
        • Quantity 48 of FC 0003 SVC EE FLASHCOPY w/1YR SWMA
      • 5639-VV1 – 1 Year Registration (No Charge)
        • Quantity 48 of FC 0001 SVC EE BASE VIRT 1 YR Registration (no charge)
        • Quantity 48 of FC 0005 SVC EE FLASHCOPY 1 YR Registration (no charge)
    • List Price: (48 disks x $1030/dd) + (48 disks x $0/dd) = $49,440K

Metro Mirror Usage – Intra-Cluster with Entry Edition

  • Intra-Cluster Metro Mirror – Primary and Secondary exist in the same SVC Cluster

  • If you have purchased an Entry Edition license for Metro/Global Mirror, your license must match the number of disk drives licensed for base virtualization

  • With that Entry Edition Metro/Global Mirror license, some or all of the licensed capacity may participate in an Intra-Cluster Metro Mirror relationship

  • Metro/Global Mirror capacity entitlement is monitored

Metro/Global Mirror Usage – Cross Cluster with Entry Edition

  • Cross Cluster Metro/Global Mirror – Primary and Secondary exist in two separate SVC clusters

  • The primary and secondary clusters may be licensed for Metro/Global Mirror under Entry Edition (per-disk drive) or standard (per-terabyte) in any combination, as long as the storage participating is licensed. The primary and secondary may be at the same or separate sites, but the following holds true:

    • If both clusters are Entry Edition and primary licensed 48 drives, secondary 24 drives, then up to 24 drives of managed capacity may be mirrored between the two
    • If primary cluster is Entry Edition, 16 drives totaling 8TB in a mirrored relationship, and the secondary is a standard license (per-TB), then the standard license for the secondary must account for those 8TB in the mirrored relationship
  • Metro/Global Mirror capacity entitlement is monitored

SVC Ordering and Fulfillment Information

  • System Overview

  • SVC – standard edition

    • Software
    • Hardware
  • SVC for XIV

    • Software
  • SVC Entry Edition

    • Software
    • Hardware
  • Services

  • Ordering a System using Passport Advantage and AAS

  • Reference Information

    • NEW PIDs, part numbers and feature codes
    • FlashCopy usage example
    • Metro Mirror usage example
    • Ordering Options
    • AAS to Passport Advantage Software License Migrations

2145-8A4* SVC Storage Engine Ordering Structure

SAN Volume Controller Hardware Overview MT/Mod: 2145-8A4*

  • SVC Storage Engine

    • Must be deployed in pairs
    • F/C 3001 Initial Storage Engine; F/C 3002 Additional Storage Engine
    • Fibre Channel cable feature codes (optional)
    • A SVC Storage Software order (5639-VW2 or 5639-VCx) must exist for all initial orders of the 2145-8A4 Storage Engine; in conjunction with F/C 3001:
      • F/C 0017 indicates SW order in Passport Advantage
      • F/C 0018 indicates SW order in AAS
      • F/C 0019 indicates Secondary HW cluster at this customer Note: 0019 can only be used in conjunction with SVC standard software, 5639-VC6 (not Entry Edition software), when adding this node to an existing SVC customer license
    • Subsequent HW orders may be placed for clusters at same customer
  • UPS feature code

    • Each UPS supports an individual Storage Engine
    • UPS is a feature code of 2145
    • UPS Power Cord feature codes (country specific) – mandatory
    • Redundant A/C Power switch is now available (optional) for use with SVC UPS

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