Iii. Exercises to the text: Find synonyms of these words in the text

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III. Exercises to the text:

1.Find synonyms of these words in the text: material, cost, versatile.

2.Find antonyms of these words in the text: long, low, slowly, unnatural, unknown.

3.Complete the sentences using the words given in brackets: (garments, elastic, to absorb, to dry, cotton)

1.Cotton fibres are not… 2. A great many people dress in… 3. Cotton… water slowly and… slowly. 4. In Africa and India cotton is widely used for…

4. Translate the sentences paying attention to the Passive voice:

1.The commonest material for clothing is cotton; it is used everywhere. 2. Raw cotton is prodused four times as much as wool. 3. Cotton to be spun is passed through different machines. 4. Some cotton fibres which have no natural twist are subjected to the process of mercerization. 5. A great quantity of cotton was produced last year.

IV. Additional text for reading

Flax is also a vegetable fibre. It is used for manufacturing linen and linen thread. The flax fibre is recovered from the inner stem of the plant. This is in marked contrast to cotton, which is obtained from the boll of the cotton plant. The recovery of the flax fibresappears to be much more difficult and involves greater expense. The commonest form of recovery is known to be «retting». The harvested plants are steeped in water for some time until, through the action of fermentation, the fibres can be readily separated from the woody stem and outer bark. The vegetable gum is dissolved by the action of moisture and heat.

All unwanted parts of the plant are then mechanically removed leaving only the flax fibres. These fibres are made up of numerous filaments which when separated constitute the raw fibres for manufacture. They range in length from an inch upward and are comparatively fine and strong. The colour of the fibres at this stage is not white.

Flax is grown extensively for many centuries in nearly every country in Europe. Linen is expected to be used where strength, lustre and absorbing power in decorative coverings (table cloths) both for lustre and for stiffness.

For all forms of table linens and every purpose demanding tensile strength and durability, flax is considered to be the best natural fibres.

For the manufacture of a very large range of materials used for household requirements it is considered to be unexcelled.

Linen is known to be more expensive than cotton for a great deal of care is required in producing the fibre from the stalk and in bleaching the fabric.

V. Grammar: The be going to future and the Present Continuous as future

The be going to future

We can express the future with be going + to – infinitive. This is often referred to as the going to or be going to future.


Verb to be + going + to - infinitive: I’m going to stay, etc.


- To express intention. The speaker had the intention before the time of speaking:

I’m going to visit Bob tomorrow.

- To make a prediction based on present evidence:

The sun’s going down. It’s going to be dark in half an hour.

Present Continuous as future

We can use the present continuous to refer to the future. A future time reference

must be stated or be clear from the context.


- To describe arrangements. We use it to talk about the future when the plans have

been made. It is quite informal and is used to describe personal arrangements

such as social activities rather than official plans. As it refers to personal

arrangements, the subject of the verb should be a person or people and not a


I’m meeting Charlotte for lunch tomorrow.

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