Ingliz tili 76. Choose the

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Ingliz tili
76. Choose the correct answer.
... being economical in most things, he spends a lot of money on ties.

    1. Although B) Due to

C) In spite of D) However

77. Choose the correct answer.

The teacher maintained ... a strict discipline that soon the parents as well as the students began to complain.

    1. so B) very C) too D) such

78. Choose the correct answer.

You ... sick now if you hadn't eaten so much.
A) won't feel B) wouldn't have felt
C) would feel D) wouldn't feel

79. Choose the correct answer.

... part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in ... form or by any means without permission.

    1. No / any B) None / some

C) Many / few D) Either / one

80. Choose the correct answer.

Tears on her cheek demonstrated Patricia’s … .

    1. sad B) saddest C) sadder D) sadness

81. Choose the correct answer.

Growth rings in a log are often so clearly visible that they … reliably indicate age.
A) can B) need C) should D) must

82. Choose the correct answer.

We are better off today than we were 100 years ago, … wars and epidemics and natural disasters.
A) however B) because of
C) despite D) so that

83. Choose the correct answer.

The wall around the prison ... with barbed wire to discourage prisoners from attempting to climb over it.
A) had covered B) was covered
C) was covering D) covered

84. Choose the correct answer.
We got in the car and made … Chicago as fast as we could.
A) towards B) for C) at D) to

85. Choose the correct answer.
They haven’t got a computer and … .
A) I don’t neither B)neither have I
C) neither I have D) I haven’t got

86. Choose the correct answer.
The authorities feared the missing man was dead. The missing man was feared … .
A) dead B) being dead
C) to be dead D) was dead

87. Choose the correct answer.
They were … people at the party there was no room to move.
A) so much B) that much
C) so many D) such many

88. Choose the correct answer.

Few students actively participated in the discussion, ... annoyed the teacher, because it showed that most of them hadn't prepared sufficiently.
A) what B) why C) which D) that

89. Choose the correct answer.

The weather had turned ... stormy.

A) unexpect B) unexpectedly
C) unexpecting D) unexpected

90. Choose the correct answer.

I asked: "What's your girlfriend's name?"
I asked him what ... .
A) girlfriend name was
B) was his girlfriend's name
C) was the of his girlfriend
D) his girlfriend's name was

91. Choose the correct answer.

… primary task of … development is to eliminate … poverty.
A) a/the/the B) the/-/the
C) -/the/- D) the/-/-

92. Choose the correct answer.

We spent all night discussing … the film.
A) with B) – C) about D) for

93. Choose correct answer.

What is described in the picture?

A) rolling pan B) grater
C) frying pan D) mincer

94. Choose the correct answer.

If she … a new dress, I … her then.

  1. didn’t wear/might recognize

  2. wasn’t wearing/might recognize

  3. hadn’t been wearing/might have recognized

  4. wouldn’t wear/would recognize

5. Choose the answer according to the announcement given.

A) All Sunday evening tickets have already been sold.
B) You must book tickets for Sunday in advance.
C) A ticket is not necessary for Sunday evening
D) Jazz concerts are held on Sundays only.

96. Choose the correct answer.

We will find someone or … to help us.
A) another B) other
C) the others D) the other

Read the text. Then choose the correct answer for each question below (98-100).
Fat provides nine calories per gram compared to four calories per gram for carbohydrates and protein. This concentrated energy is important for infants, small children and underweight individuals. Fat also carries vitamins A, D, E and K and aids in their absorption in the stomach. Dietary fat is the body’s only source of linoleic acid, androgen essential fatty acid the body needs to remain healthy. High fat intake has been linked to a possible increase in certain cancers (e.g. breast). High saturated fat and cholesterol intake may lead to an increased risk of coronary heart disease. The Canada Food Guide for Healthy Eating recommends (for adults) that no more than 33 per cent of total calories be obtained from fat.

97. According to the passage, . ..

A) dietary fat is essential for elderly people.
B) carbohydrates and proteins have about half the calorit fat.
C) vitamins A, D, E and K are essential for overweight individuals.
D) carbohydrates and proteins together give much more energy than fat.

98. It is inferred from the passage that ...

A) high protein intake may lead to heart disease.
B) low fat intake may introduce the risk o f cancer.
C) low fat intake may reduce the risk of breast cancer.
D) fat is much better for your heart than diets filled with fruits and vegetables.

99. The word “important” in the passage is opposite in mean to ...

A) obligatory B) dietary
C) insignificant D) essen

Read & choose the correct answer for 100-102.

If you want a brief history of information technology, here
is one. Humans were the first "computers". Then machines
were invented to carry out the computational tasks. Now these machines have given way to new form of information technology. Information has become accessible from anywhere. Information technology deals with the acquisition, processing, storage and dissemination of vocal, pictorial, textual and numerical information by a microelectronics based combination of computing and telecommunications. Thanks to the continuous development of computers, the original computing systems became minicomputers and later personal computers took the lead. Nowadays, mobile phones are removing the personal computer and computing is evolving faster to become disembodied more like a cloud, becoming accessible more easily whenever needed; Information technology in this sense has transformed people and companies and has allowed digital technology to influence society and economy alike.

100. Which of the following is mentioned in the text?

A) Information technology is included to do hardly anything.
B) The initial "computers" were individuals of humanity.
C) Computing system has been evolved marginally.
D) The computational methods were created to do solely a few tasks.

101. Which of the statements is not mentioned in the text ?

A) Information technology has experienced a minor evolvement in computing system.
B) Information technology is changing principally because of the needs.
C) Portable computers are considered to be up-to-date.
D) The development of information technology is the result of advances in computing system.

102. The main idea of the text is ...

A) about the first computers.
B) different types of telecommunications.
C) data about information technology.
D) information about mini computers.

Read and then choose the correct answer to questions 103-105.
A man from Norway has photographed a rare white reindeer while on a walk in the north of his country. Mads Nordsveen, 24, from Norway's capital city Oslo was hiking in the tnountains. While walking tlirough the snow, he spotted a srnall white animal and realized it was a reindeer. Mr. Nordsveen said the creature was so white. Nordsveen described the experience as berng like in a fairy tale. He said: “The reindeer came to me very close and we looked at each other's eyes. It was very calm when i t saw that I didn't have bad intentions. It behaved as if it was posing for my photos. lt was very curious like a little explorer. The photograph of the reindeer has been liked over 30.000 times since Nordsveen published it on social media. As it is good luck in Scandinavian countries to see a wirite reindeer.
A white reindeer
103. According to the passage, how was the reindeer's
reaction when it saw the photographer?
A) It ran away. B) It was afraid.
C) It came closer. D) It felt nervous.

104. All of the following statements are FALSE,

A) The man said that the reindeer ran and disappeared in a hole
B) The man said the reindeer was camt and
posed for a photograph.
C) The reindeer was white because of a problem
with its genes.
D) The man in Norway photographed 24 rare
white reindeer.

105. According to the passage, why has the photo

been liked 30,000 times on social media?
A) The white reindeer is believed to be saved by
the man.
B) The white reindeer is believed to bring luck.
C)The white reindeer is thought to give much
D) The white reindeer is said to be sold for a very high price.

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