Ingliz tili 8-sinf 1-variant

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Ingliz tili 8-sinf


1. … your brother a teacher?

A) Are; B) Is; C) Does; D) Have.

2.What is … name?

A) him; B) he; C) his; D) John.

3.… he got a car?

A) Has; B) Is; C) Have; D) Does.

4.They … in a big house in the center of the town.

A) had; B) lives; C) live; D) have.

5.… is the post office?

A) When; B) Who; C) Where; ) Why.

6… hundreds of people in the street.

A) There is; B) Have; C) There are; D) There have.

7- Can I speak to Helen, please?

- Sorry, she … a bath at the moment.

A) have; B) having; C) has; D) is having.

8. We … to the theatre last night.

A) have been; B) have gone; C) go; D) went.

9. They … at home yesterday.

A) was; B) are; C) were; D) have been.

10. I … to go to a restaurant this evening.

A) like; B) do like; C) would like; D) am liking.

11. I have a broken leg so I can’t … .

A) am playing; B) can play; C) play; D) do play

12. Have you ever … that film?

A) seeing; B) saw; C) see; D) seen.

13.My mother…… a bad headache.

A) have got B)at C) is D) has got

14. They … us three times since last Christmas.

A) visit; B) have visited; C) are visiting; D) visited.

15. - Have you got plans for your holidays?

- Yes, … to Italy next week.

A) I am going; B) I go; C) I will go; D) I do go

16. … you open the door for me, please?

A) Can; B) Are; C) Could; D) Have.

17. I normally live in London but this year … in Washington.

A) I live; B) I am living; C) I do live; D) I would live.

18. When the accident happened she … from Philadelphia to Chicago.

A) is driving; B) drives; C) drove; D) was driving.

19. Who is the sculptor of the statue of Amir Temur? Ilhom jabborov

21. What place is the Hermitage? In Paris, France

22. What kind of forests are there in Tasmania?

23. What is the national musical instrument of Wales? harp

24. What is the President’s Cup for?

25. Where does the action take place in the “Secret” by the Arthur C Clarke? In a colony on the moon
Ingliz tili 8-sinf


1. That film has _______ on TV

A) showed B) been shown C) shown D) showing

2. When I ______ home my father wasn`t there. He had gone out.

A) arrive B) had arrived C) arrived D) will arrive

3. Transport systems______ likely to change in the future. One probable difference is that there _____ more electric vehicles.

A) is /will be B) are /will be C) will/ are D) will/ would be

4. It is due______ in five years` time.

A) to complete B) be completed C) be completing D) to be completed

5. ____ idea of helping ____ man was unpleasant in itself.

A) -/the B) the/the C) the/a D) -/-

6. ____ long walk in ____ country is very interesting.

A) a/the B) the/a C) the/the D) a/a

7. ____ Browns invited me to ____ dinner.

A) -/the B) the/a C) -/a D) the/-

8. If it ____ not so late I should go with you.

A) was B) were C) is D) be

9. If you ___ him yesterday he _______you everything.

A) asked/told B) has asked/ would tell

C) asked/ would tell D) had asked/ would have told

10. If she _____ a new dress, I_____ her then.

A) hadn`t been wearing /might have recognized

B) didn`t wear/ might recognize

C) wasn`t wearing/ might recognize

D) wouldn`t wear/would recognize

11. Who was this quotation written by? “Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body”

A)  A R.W.Emerson B) Robert Frost C) A.Conan DoyleD) R.Steele
C) plays about bank robberies,murders,etc.

D) plays that tell about real and fantastic events.

13. The word “fans” is short for “______”.

A)fantastic B)fun C)fanatics D) fancy

14. When was The Republican Youth Theatre of Uzbekistan established ?

A)in 1928 B)in 1993 C)in 1925 D)1929

15. At the theatre each act is divided into _____

A)dialogues B)scenes C)plays D)sets

17. What can be stopped by expensive tree-planting programmes and better landmanagement ?

A)Air pollution B)Source of energy C)Desertification D)Soil erosion

18. What is the Museum of Modern Art in London known as?

A)The Tate Gallery B)Mellon’s collection

C)Rembrandt’s work D)All answers are true.

19. Hollywood is known as.......

20. Put the preposition: He is tall … a dark moustache.

22. What is the national musical instrument of Wales?

23. What is the President’s Cup for?

24. Where does the action take place in the “Secret” by the Arthur C Clarke?

25. What do English people hang traditionally in the doorway between Christmas and New Year?

Ingliz tili 8-sinf


1. Who was “Flowers and Birds “painted by?

A)T.Gainsborough B) Peale C) Ch.White D) R.Holmes

2. How is ‘Ch”pronounced in Greek?

A) [ch] B) [k] C) [sh] D) [s]

3. The State Museum of Fine Arts of Uzbekistan was founded in ______.

A) 1981 B) 1918. C)1965 D)1989

4. We went out _________the rain.

A) in spite of B) because of C) in spite of the fact D) although

5. Where was G.Bernard Shaw born?

A) in London B) in Italy C) in Dublin D) in Edinburgh
6. What are renewable fuels?

A) wind, power B) wind power,nuclear power,solar power

C)wave power,solar power,wind power D)gas, wood, oil

7. When and where was the first place for collecting the Sun’s energy built?

A)in 1914/in Japan B)in 1895/in the USA

C) in 1989 /in Israel D)in1714/in France

8. When was the Metropoliten Museum founded?

A) in 1878 B) in 1870 C) in 1824 D) in 1918

9. Who was the painting “Lake George” painted by?

A) Kensett B) Peale C) Hockney D) Blake

10. At the theatre what is a play divided into?

A) scenes B) sets C) acts D) dialogues

11. What does it remind you __________?

A) for B) from C) about D) of

12. It was ____a sunny morning at the weekend.

A) on B) in C) of D) from

13. Bernard Shaw wanted to be _________.

A) a writer B) an actor C) a playwright D) a novelist

14. ”Do the washing up now!” He _________me to do the washing up.

A)told B)asked C)said D)ordered

15. What happened in Hollywood in 1982?

A) the landmark sign was built in the hills B) the Oscar was awarded

C) the 1st motion studio opened D) nothing happened

16. Who was it written by? “All men are poets at heart”

A) R.W.Emerson B)J.Fenton C)S.I.Haykama D)R.Frost

17. Who was the poem ‘Wind” written by?

A) R.W.Emerson B)J.Fenton C)S.I.Haykama D)R.Frost

19. What does the acronym NASA stand for?

20. Where is the Eisteddfod festival held?

22. Where does the Nelson’s Column stand in London?

23. What is a bard?

24. Why is Arthur C Clarke called “Sir Arthur C Clarke”?

25. The Art of making objects out of stone,clay,metal is…..
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