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Creative Youth Online Conference

Project of Lutfullayeva Diyora the member of “Innovation Youth Education” chair.

Theme of the project: Features of the introduction of distance learning and the development of credit education in times of global crises, natural disasters and pandemics.

Goal of the project: Attracting the people to use the distance learning in order to enhance their knowledge even though the pandemics. Finding the revolutionized solutions to make users more opportunities.

As everyone acknowledges that, currently, learning and taking education during the pandemics(as the result, nowadays as the quarantine), natural disasters, and times of global crisis is becoming very crucial issue all over the world. In spite of the fact that, a large number of efforts have been made in order to deal with this phenamenon, obtained consiquences are not likely to be enough. From may point of view, there are some factors which have caused this problem to occur. However, this circumstance can be treated if some perspective steps are taken.

Furthermore, in this period distance learning, credit education are more preferrable. Therefore, improving the effeciency of learning in pandemics is very common for ever person regardless of their gender and age. So, now I am going to reveal some useful steps which help to get rid of the problems related to studying during the natural disaster and like these periods.

Imprimis, providing the engagement and preventing from reducement of learning skills are initial theme in pandemics. That’s why everybody should find some beneficial free time activities in order to improve the effeciency of learning. Firstly, we should divide people who can use the distance learning or credit education:

  • Disabled people;

  • People whose living area is far from the major building of centers;

  • People who are able to get distance learning because of disasters and pandemics(for example in quarantines);

  • People who has no time or opportunity to join regular courses.

These people are the main members of distance leaarning, and they have different issues to get distance learning(except pandemics). Therefore, in order to spend their time effectively, they should join online courses.

There are diverse type of online courses which can supply the neccesities of people. And now I give the tha branches of them we can get credit education.




  • Culinary

  • Hand-made

  • Sewing…

In advance, I should mention that, there are majority of courses which can help us to follow. For example, Alison group, Coursera, FutureLearn, EdX, Open2Study, and etc. Given courses are very useful and they have a lot of positive sights dispite of their high and expensive hires (especially payments for their certificates). If I say about benefits, by being the member of these courses we can enhance our knowledge, and use their services anywhere, anytime as well as any type of gadgets(IT). Besides, at the end of the courses we get certificates for graduating.

In general, enlarging number of courses, and attracting people to join based on to be educated via distance learning or credit education. They are best ways in order to release problems. Furthermore, producing half-paid or full free courses is more nicer and it appeals most of the users of distance learning. Managers of courses should pay more attention to make users avalibilities to easly connect, and they should make discounts about payments for members in the period of quarantine. It is very appropriate style as the solution of issue.

Taking everything into accaunt, I firmly believe that, educating in pandemics is generally considered an unsupurable issue in current society that one of the implemented affairs may be shown as the best solution to this situation. But the acknowledged statement so as to improve, would play an integral role as an initial clue.

Lutfullayeva Diyora Rafiqjon qizi

Student of Fergana State University
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