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SATO Label Gallery Network 

Installation Instructions for 

SATO Label Gallery 









SATO International Pte Ltd 





English Edition 


Version : SI-040603-02





Copyright © 2004-2005 SATO International Pte Ltd 

All rights reserved.








Installation instructions for SATO Label Gallery True Pro Network 









Contents of the package.................................................1-1




System Requirements ....................................................1-2




Installation overview .....................................................1-4




Server installation .........................................................1-5








Installation procedures ..........................................1-6




Workstation installation.................................................1-8













License Manager .........................................................2-12




Enabling Trial Mode...........................................2-13




Registering the software......................................2-15




Trial mode ..................................................................2-19









Add/Remove Label Gallery components on the workstation3-20




Notes about the Borland Database Engine (BDE) .........3-20




Upgrades to newer versions .........................................3-21




Migration to a new server computer .............................3-23




Chapter 1: Installation 



Installation instructions for SATO Label Gallery True Pro Network 


1.  Installation 

1.1  Contents of the package 

Thank you for your purchase of Label Gallery software, 

the barcode labeling software designed to satisfy all your 

barcode label design and printing needs. SATO 

International is dedicated to providing you with the 

highest quality labeling solutions available anywhere. To 

ensure outstanding customer services worldwide, SATO 

International  operates through a select group of trained 

distributors, value-added resellers and system integrators. 

Please verify that your Label Gallery package contains all 

the following  items: 

  Label Gallery distribution CD-ROM 

  Memo with SATO Label Gallery Network Serial 


  User's manuals 


If any of the mentioned items is missing, please contact 

your software vendor immediately for package 


Should you require any information about SATO Label 

Gallery Plus Product range, please visit Label Gallery 

website at 

For the last-minute information about Label Gallery 

please refer to the file README.TXT file in the main 

folder of the Label Gallery CD-ROM. 

In the following pages you will find detailed installation 

instructions for your new label solution software. 

Chapter 1: Installation 





Installation instructions for SATO Label Gallery True Pro Network 

1.2  System Requirements 

To install and use the program you will need at least the 


1.2.1  Hardware requirements 


  Personal computer (or compatible). A Pentium or 

more powerful processor is recommended. 

  32-bit Windows operating system (Windows 9X, 

Windows Me, Windows NT, Windows 2000, 

Windows XP...) 

  At least 32 MB RAM  

   A network connection 



  Any server operating system that allows file sharing 

with Windows systems (NetWare, any Windows, 

UNIX, AS/400, VMS, …). 

  Shared hard disk with approximately 60 MB of free 

disk space. 

  A network connection 

  CD-ROM drive 

1.2.2  Software requirements  

Administrator rights to 

the local computer at 

the install time 

The user who is installing Label 

Gallery on the client computer 

has to be the Administrator or 

member of the Administrator 


Read-write access to the 



at install time, read-only 

access at Label Gallery 

run time 

It is vital to have Administrator 

rights to be able to update Label 

Gallery-related information in 

the registry. Windows Registry is 

used to store information about 

Label Gallery installation, file 

folders and to register Label 

Gallery software components 


Chapter 1: Installation 



Installation instructions for SATO Label Gallery True Pro Network 


and modules. Read-write access 

is required at install time. Read-

only access is required at any 

other time when Label Gallery 

software is run. 

Read-write access to the 



User-specific Label Gallery 

settings are stored within this 

registry key. Every user that logs 

on the computer has his own 

settings. Users are able to update 

this information. 

Read-write access to 


folder in the server 

installation of Label 


Label Gallery server version is 

installed on some computer that 

has the role of file server. No 

Label Gallery software is 

running on this server computer; 

only files are shared for Label 

Gallery clients. The folder where 

Label Gallery server is installed 

has to be shared to the clients. 

The share mode for all files can 

be set to read-only mode, except 

for one folder. The System folder 

within the Bin directory has to be 

shared in read-write mode to the 

client computers. Every client 

must be able to update files in 


Access to the printer 


User has to be able to access 

printer drivers in order to use 

them for label printing. It 

depends on the Windows system 

that is used, but permissions for 

Print and Read permissions 

should be sufficient. 

Proper setup of BDE 

(Borland Database 

Engine) for LOCAL 

SHARE parameter 

LOCAL SHARE parameter 

assures the proper locking of 

database files in the network 

environment. Start BDE from 

Control Panel, select 

Configuration tab, select System, 

Chapter 1: Installation 





Installation instructions for SATO Label Gallery True Pro Network 

then INIT and make sure it is set 

to True

Proper setting of BDE 

(Borland Database 

Engine) for NET DIR 


Paradox tables are used for 

internal system data storage. 

Every client has to have the 

reference to the same network 

control file (PDOXUSRS.NET). 

Installation procedure provides 

the proper setting for NET DIR 

and normally it should not be 

modified. To verify this 

parameter start BDE from 

Control Panel, select 

Configuration tab, then Drivers, 

Native and Paradox. 

1.3  Installation overview 

Installation of SATO Label Gallery Network consists of 

three steps. Each of them is described in detail in the next 

few chapters. 

Before you start the installation procedure make sure that 

you have sufficient system privileges on the computers. 

Usually only an Administrator can perform 

installations/deinstallations. You must have read/write 

permissions for the destination install folder. 

The first step is the installation of SATO Label Gallery 

Network to the server. This can be done locally on the 

server itself (if it has the Windows operating system 

installed) or remotely via any workstation that can access 

server disk shares in read/write mode. 

When the server installation is complete, you can start 

installing the program from the server to the 

individual workstations 

After the program has been installed on the server, it is 

ready to be enabled. First you will have to activate it. If 

you are evaluating SATO Label Gallery Network, you 

will have to put it into Trial mode. The Network version 

is operational, but is enabled for only three 

simultaneously connected users for a duration of one 

month. During these 31 days you have the opportunity to 


Chapter 1: Installation 



Installation instructions for SATO Label Gallery True Pro Network 


completely evaluate and test the Network version. The 

aplication is fully functional and offers all the benefits of 

the retail version. When the evaluation period expires, 

SATO Label Gallery Network will no longer function 

and will have to be registered. 

When you have received your copy of SATO Label 

Gallery Network, then the registration information has 

been provided with the software and you should proceed 

to the program registration. This way you will get a 

fully working network version. Registration itself is not a 

complicated and time-consuming process and is required 

to ensure that the application runs uninterrupted. It only 

takes three steps: 



First enable trial mode (31-days 3-user version) by 

entering the Registration Number in the License 

Manager program. You have 31 days to complete 

the registration. 


Acquire the Registration Code from the form on the 

internet or from your software vendor. 


Use the Registration Code to register the software in 

the License Manager. The limitations of Trial mode 

will no longer be active, and the software will  now 

be fully functional. 


Please refer to the following chapters for detailed 

installation and registration information. 

1.4  Server installation 

1.4.1  Overview of server installation 

The first step in the installation process is to perform the 

server installation. This is the part of installation that 

resides on your server computer and is available to the 

workstation computers. All necessary files for the 

network version are stored on the server, including 

workstation installation files. Label Gallery CD-ROM is 

not needed for a workstation install. It does not have to be 

a computer with an  installed Windows operating system, 

Chapter 1: Installation 





Installation instructions for SATO Label Gallery True Pro Network 

but any other operating system (NetWare, UNIX, 

AS/400, VMS...). The Server computer can be any 

computer in your local area network, as long it is visible 

in Microsoft Network Neighborhood.  

It is recommended that you start installation of the server 

part of Label Gallery software directly on the server 

computer. If that is not possible for some reason (because 

the server is not a 32-bit Windows computer or it is not 

physically accessible), you will have to use some other 

computer to perform an install to the server. Use any of 

the workstations running 32-bit Windows. In this case be 

careful to specify the appropriate installation path. There 

are a couple of things you have to pay special attention 

to. The server must have disk sharing enabled, and this 

workstation computer must be able to access disk share in 

read/write mode at the time of the installation. Only this 

will enable it to store files to the server's disk. 

When the operating system has been identified, and the 

method of installation determined, you can proceed to the 

actual installation procedures. 

1.4.2  Server installation procedures 

Insert the Label Gallery CD-ROM into your CD drive 

and the SETUP application will start automatically (if it 

does not, please manually run program START.EXE 

from CD-ROM or enable auto-notification setting for 

your CD-ROM and re-insert the CD). Click the Install 

button in the top part of the window, then click SATO 

Label Gallery True Pro on the next screen and then 

SATO Label Gallery Network . The installation program 

will start. 

First select the language to be used for the installation 

program itself. The Welcome message will inform you 

what the installation will do. Click the Next button to 

proceed. The README.TXT file from CD will be 

displayed. It contains last-minute information about the 

software. The installation program will further ask you to 

enter the user’s name and the company's name. 

In the Setup options dialog box you can select the folder 

on the server to install the program to. You can change it 

by clicking the Set button. Use the standard network path 


Chapter 1: Installation 



Installation instructions for SATO Label Gallery True Pro Network 


notation in the format \\SERVER\DISK\PATH. The 

installation option for a server install is always Full 

installation. All applications and all components are 

installed to the server. You will be able to change the 

individual components when you start the workstation 


You should select a server and disk share that is visible to 

workstations in the domain where you intend to use Label 

Gallery software. Note that you must have write 

permission for this folder at the time of server 

installation. For workstations it is enough to have just 

read access rights, except for the folder Bin\System that 

has to be accessible in read/write mode. Click the Next 

button when the proper install destination is set. 


Setup options


The next dialog box, Install Options Overview, informs 

you about the current settings of the installation options 

and the drive space needed for the installation. Click the 

Next button to begin copying files on the server. 

Through the installation, you can click the Exit button 

and abort the process of the installation or click Previous 

button to get back to previous dialog box (in case you 

made a mistake in the previous step and you wish to 

correct it) or click Help to get a brief instructions about 

the installation. 

Chapter 1: Installation 





Installation instructions for SATO Label Gallery True Pro Network 

When setup is done with copying files, click Finish to 

exit the Install program. SATO Label Gallery Network is 

now installed on the server and Label Gallery CD-ROM 

is no longer needed. You can remove it from the drive. 

But just before you do that we suggest that you copy the 

drivers for your thermal transfer printers to the server 

installation. This way they will be safely stored on the 

hard drive and close at hand if you will need to install  a 

printer driver for your thermal transfer printer(s). Just 

copy the entire Drivers folder from CD to the location of 

the server installation. 

You can now begin installing SATO Label Gallery 

Network to workstations. 

1.5  Workstation installation 

To install SATO Label Gallery Network on the 

workstations, you must start the WORKSTAT.EXE 

program on each of the workstations. This program is 

located in the NETSETUP subfolder on the Label Gallery 

server. The default location would be 

\\SERVER\DISK\SATO\GalleryNet\NetSetup. It will 

install Label Gallery software to the computer. The Label 

Gallery CD-ROM is not required in this process. 

First select the language to be used for the installation 

program. It will be set as default also in the Label Gallery 

software. TheWelcome message will inform you what the 

installation will do. Proceed by clicking the Next button. 

The README.TXT file will be displayed. It contains 

last-minute information about the software. The 

installation program will further ask you to enter the 

user’s name. The company's name was already pre-

defined in the server part install. 

In the Setup options dialog box first select the folder for 

program installation. This would typically be C:\Program 

Files\SATO\Label Gallery. You can accept this default or 

choose a folder of your choice. Click Set (..) button to 

change it. Then select the type of the installation you 





Chapter 1: Installation 



Installation instructions for SATO Label Gallery True Pro Network 


Types of installations are: 



Components appropriate for typical 

use of the software are installed. You 

can select the support for language(s) 

you want to install with Label 



options and disk 


Only the minimal set of components 

needed for the application to work 

correctly is installed. Help and sample 

files are not installed. Only the 

support for language chosen in the 

Install program will be installed. 

Full installation  All applications and their components 

in all available languages are 




You can select which applications and 

which components are installed after 

clicking the Next button. The support 

for appropriate language files can also 

be selected. 



Install options dialog box


If you select the Copy program files to workstation disk 

option, all program files needed to run SATO Label 

Chapter 1: Installation 





Installation instructions for SATO Label Gallery True Pro Network 

Gallery True Pro will be copied to the workstation 

computer. Use this option if you have a slower network 

and it takes too much time to run programs over the 

network. SATO Label Gallery TruePro will be installed 

locally and its response time will be shorter. But on the 

other hand, if you tend to upgrade your applications often 

to newer versions, local copies of Label Gallery will have 

to be upgraded one at a time. If all program files are 

stored on the server, then the upgrade of the server 

version is sufficient and enabling this option can save 

some upgrade time. 

If you do not select this option, then only shortcuts, BDE 

(Borland Database Engine), registry entries and EuroPlus 

Common Files are installed to the workstation. All other 

files are kept on the server.  

Click Next button when you are finished with setting the 

folder to start the process of copying files. 

If you have selected the Custom installation, an additional 

dialog box with custom settings will be displayed. You 

will be able to fine tune the Label Gallery installation 


If the selected application can be partially installed, the 

Details button will become available, allowing you to 

further customize the components of the selected 

application. Use the Back button to return one step back 

from the details settings. The required disk space, based 

on the selection you have made, will be displayed at the 

bottom of the dialog box. 

This type of installation is useful if you want to limit the 

use of some programs of the SATO Label Gallery 

Network package on some workstations. You may for 

example want to have the GalleryData installed only on a 

workstation that  is used for updating the databases, but 

not on others. 

Click Next to proceed. 


Chapter 1: Installation 



Installation instructions for SATO Label Gallery True Pro Network 



Custom setup


The Install options Overview dialog box informs you 

about the current setting of the installation, the drive 

space needed for the installation and location where the 

files will be copied. Click Next button to start copying 

Label Gallery files to your hard disk. 

If you have copied installation files for SATO drivers 

from the Label Gallery CD-ROM to folder Drivers in the 

GalleryNet folder on the server, the driver installation 

will be started at this point. 

Click Finish to exit the installation program. 

Please note! Label Gallery installed on the workstation 

needs to have a read-only access to most of the server 

installation (i.e. to \\SERVER\DISK and subfolders), 

except for one subfolder. Make sure that each 

workstation has a write access to the \Bin\System 

subfolder of the server installation. Program specific 

data is stored here. 



Chapter 2: Registration 





Installation instructions for SATO Label Gallery True Pro Network 

2.  Registration 

2.1  Overview 

Before you can use the network version of the Label 

Gallery software on the workstations, the server 

installation has to be registered. Until the Label Gallery 

software is registered (or at least put into Trial mode), 

you cannot use it. When you try to run the SATO Label 

Gallery Plus application, you will get the message 

informing you about the error. 


If this is the first time you have run SATO Label Gallery 

Plus Network, click Yes to start the License Manager and 

registration procedure. 

2.2  License Manager 

Registration of SATO Label Gallery Network installation 

is done with the program License Manager, accessible 

from the SATO Label Gallery Network program group in 

Start menu. Alternatively you could browse to the 

program LMANAGER.EXE in the GalleryNet\Bin 

subfolder of the server installation. License Manager has 

to be run from the workstation with BDE (Borland 

Database Engine) already installed.  



Chapter 2: Registration 



Installation instructions for SATO Label Gallery True Pro Network 


If you try to run the registration program from a network 

server or workstation which does not have BDE installed, 

the registration process will  fail. To be sure simply run it 

from one of the workstations you have already installed 

Label Gallery to. Refer to the chapter Workstation 

installation on page 1-8 to find out how to install SATO 

Label Gallery Network to the workstation. 

License Manager is used not only for registering the 

software. Its main function is to monitor the current 

licensing situation and to enable/disable the off-line mode 

for workstations. Off-line mode enables selected 

workstations to function in spite of the fact that the Label 

Gallery server computer is not available or not accessible. 

It is used in environments where mobile label printing is 

required, or in events where server system failure would 

otherwise stop label production. 

License Manager monitors and displays: 

  Computer name 

  Windows user name 

  Label Gallery user name 

  Login time 

  Status (off-line) 

  Connected (True, False) 

2.2.1  Enabling T rial Mode 

Trial mode is the intermediate state of Label Gallery 

software. It offers all labeling functionality, but is not 

registered yet and that is why some limitations apply. 

Label Gallery software will run for 31 days in this mode. 

After that date you won't be able to use it again. 

Additionally only 3 users will be able to use the software 

concurrently. In all other aspects it is fully functional 

version. You have 31 days to complete the registration 

process. Please make sure to register the software by that 


Please note! After 31 days SATO Label Gallery Network 

in Trial mode will cease to be operational unless properly 


Chapter 2: Registration 





Installation instructions for SATO Label Gallery True Pro Network 

To enable Trial mode you must fill in all edit fields. 

Company and Username information are used later in the 

process. The Serial Number was provided in the software 

package. Locate the memo with the number, then type it 

in the edit field. 


License Manager Trial registration dialog box


Click the Continue button to validate the entered data. If 

a proper Serial Number was entered, the Trial mode will 

be entered. 

As long as you do not conclude you SATO Label Gallery 

Network registration, you will be notified you are running 

in Trial mode each time you start the application. The 

number of days in the evaluation time will be  

automatically reduced by one everyday. 


SATO Label Gallery Network is in Trial mode


When the 31-day period of the Trial mode is over and 

you still haven't registered the application, SATO Label 

Gallery Network will cease to function. If you want to 

use it again, you will have to complete the process of 



Chapter 2: Registration 



Installation instructions for SATO Label Gallery True Pro Network 



At the end of Trial period, SATO Label Gallery Network stops functioning and registering 

is required.


Run License Manager to register the software. Click its 

icon in the SATO Label Gallery Network program group 

in the Start menu, or browse to the LMANAGER.EXE in 

the Bin folder of the software installation. 

2.2.2  Registering the software 

When the software is in trial mode, you can evaluate it 

for a time period of 31 days. Make sure to register it 

within this time frame to gain full functionality. 

Note an Application status section in the lower part of 

the dialog box. Follow the instructions here for help with 

the registration process. 


License Manager Registration dialog box


Chapter 2: Registration 





Installation instructions for SATO Label Gallery True Pro Network 

You have already entered the Serial Number. The 

Registration Number was generated by License Manager. 

The only missing part is the Registration Code , which 

can be acquired in one of two methods: over the internet 

or your software vendor will provide it. 

Internet registration is the default choice. It is the 

fastest method of acquiring Registration Code. Visit the 

website at the provided internet address. The form with 

all  the necessary information will be opened. All you 

have to do is enter the email address to which the 

Registration Code will be sent; all other edit fields will be 

already filled. Registration will be displayed on-screen as 

well, but for security reasons an email address is required. 

Once you have obtained the Registration Code, your 

Serial Number cannot be used for another registration 

process. Internet registration is the preferred choice. 

Manual registration can be used when for some reason 

you do not want to or cannot use Internet registration. Fill 

in the field Software vendor with the name of the vendor 

where you purchased your copy of SATO Label Gallery 

Network. Click the Save the registration button below. 

This will save all the relevant information about your 

installation of SATO Label Gallery Network to the file 

REGISTER.TXT in Bin\System folder of your 

installation. By default this location is set to 

\\SERVER\SHARE\GalleryNet\Bin\System. Send this 

file to your software vendor. The information in this file 

will be processed; the Registration Code will be issued 

and sent to you as soon as possible. If registration speed 

is at stake, you should use the first option (Internet 

registration) to receive the Registration Code. 

When you receive the Registration Code from your 

vendor or over the internet, start the program License 

Manager once again and complete the registration 

process. The previously entered Serial and Registration 

Numbers and other information are already displayed on-

screen. Enter the Registration Code into the edit box and 

click the Register button. This will change the status of 

the installation from Trial version to Registered version

Congratulations! Your copy of SATO Label Gallery 

Network is now fully registered. Registering will remove 


Chapter 2: Registration 



Installation instructions for SATO Label Gallery True Pro Network 


the 31-day limit and allow more concurrent users 

(depending on your licence issues). 

The New registration button can be used to upgrade your 

Label Gallery installation to more licences. Be careful 

when using this button. The existing registration 

information will be removed. Make sure you have a 

replaceable Serial Number close at hand so that you will 

be able to conclude a new registration procedure. 

Click Close to close the registration dialog box. 

Note! The registration procedure in the License Manager 

has to be completed only once. When you register a 

Server installation, SATO Label Gallery Network can be 

used on all workstations. You do not have to register the 

software from each individual workstation. 

2.2.3  Offline mode 

SATO Label Gallery Network depends on the network 

server that holds SATO Label Gallery Plus program files 

and common data used by all workstations. In case of 

server or network failure, the whole system would fail. 

Off-line mode successfully copes with such situations, 

and workstations are still able to operate, but some 

limitations apply (explained below). 

The other case of Off-line usage is the use of labeling 

software by mobile users. In a company that has a 

Network version of Label Gallery installed, some of the 

workstation installs are performed on laptop computers. 

If this computer is detached from the network, Label 

Gallery software will not operate. Off-line mode 

successfully copes with this situation. 

Switching Label Gallery to off-line mode is done with 

License Manager program. When you start License 

Manager, it will use one licence for itself. This currently 

occupied licence can be assigned as Available Off-line

When this option is enabled, the workstation used will be 

able to operate without the server or network being on-

line and will still occupy this one licence.  

Off-line mode causes the licence to be used all the time. 

When SATO Label Gallery Network is started, it does 

not occupy another licence, and after it quits it also does 

Chapter 2: Registration 





Installation instructions for SATO Label Gallery True Pro Network 

not release this licence. The number of all available 

licences is thus reduced by one. If the off-line licence 

needs to be released, use License Manager for this task. 

Click the Disable Off-line button and off-line mode will 

be canceled and licence released. 

The system requirement for off-line mode to work is that 

a local installation of Label Gallery software must exist. 

Make sure to select the option Copy files to local hard 

disk in the install program on all workstations for which 

you want to enable off-line mode. All SATO Label 

Gallery Plusgram files must be installed to the local disk. 

When Label Gallery software is started in off-line mode it 

will use a local copy of Label Gallery system files. For 

this purpose a local copy of the System folder from the 

Label Gallery server computer will be made. When 

SATO Label Gallery Plus starts it will determine if the 

server is accessible. If it is, server files will be used. If 

not, a local copy of system files will be used. 

When the workstation is running in off line mode, there 

are a few important issues that have to be considered. All 

functionality of SATO Label Gallery Network is not 

available in off-line mode. 

Off-line mode limitations: 



Global variables cannot be used in off line 

mode. If the local copy of a global variable 

and a copy on another workstation or 

server are used at the same time, the serial 

numbers would be duplicated. 

Log file 

If you are using a Classic log file, the log 

will be created, but will not be merged 

with the main system log file when on-line 

mode is restored. 

If you are using a Text log file is used and 

the path to the log file is not accessible, the 

log file will be non-operational. 

Location of 





The availability of necessary label files is 

up to the user. Label Gallery will not 

duplicate these files. 

If you are using Windows 2000 (or newer) 

environment, you can enable off-line 


Chapter 2: Registration 



Installation instructions for SATO Label Gallery True Pro Network 


system accessibility directly in the 

Windows system with the option Make 

Available Off-line. 

Number of 



The maximum number of off-line 

workstations is limited to half of the 

purchased licences. 



Login protection and custom Label Gallery 

usernames are disabled in off-line mode. 



An .oOff-line client cannot occupy a Label 

Gallery  licence for unlimited period of 

time. The maximum lease period of every 

licence is 15 days. If the client does not 

reconnect to the server in on-line mode in 

this time period, its licence will expire and 

be released to some other client. 

The lease period also considers the licence 

used by a computer that will never login in 

on-line mode and normally release it 

(computer crashed beyond repair, 

computer was stolen, etc.). When the lease 

period expires, the licence will be returned 

to the group of available licences on the 


2.3  Windows Terminal Services and Citrix MetaFrame 

SATO Label Gallery Network software can be used in a 

terminal service environment without any limitations. 

For more information about Label Gallery in such 

environments please refer to the White Paper: Label 

Gallery software used from Microsoft Terminal Services 

and Citrix Metaframe, available from the Label Gallery 

web site, Support. 

Chapter 3: Miscellaneous  





Installation instructions for SATO Label Gallery True Pro Network 

3.  Miscellaneous 

3.1  Add/Remove Label Gallery components on the 


If you want to add or remove the components of SATO 

Label Gallery Network that you want to be accessible on 

the workstation, go to the Control panel  of the 

workstation computer and select SATO Label Gallery 

Network (Workstation) from the Add/Remove programs 

dialog. The other way is to simply re-run the Setup 

program from the 'SATO Label Gallery Network' 

program group in Start menu. 

Label Gallery installation will be run and you will be able 

to make modifications to the setup.  

Click Add or Remove Features to modify program 

settings and add or remove the desired component(s). 

Reinstall will repeat the last installation by copying all 

the files again and thereby correcting all the possible 

errors in installation (missing or corrupted files). 

If you select the Remove All button, all  of Label 

Gallery's programs and components will be removed 

from the hard disk of your workstation. Please note, all 

the files that were added or changed after the installation 

of SATO Label Gallery Network will be left intact on the 

hard drive. 

3.2  Notes about the Borland Database Engine (BDE) 

BDE is a library of programs needed for database access. 

Label Gallery applications use this library to access 

different databases on your computer. SATO Label 


Chapter 3: Miscellaneous 



Installation instructions for SATO Label Gallery True Pro Network 


Gallery Network requires some specific settings in BDE 

that are made by the installation program. These changes 

might interfere with other applications that use BDE to 

access databases. 

All the workstations should use the same directory for the 

network control file used for locking Paradox database 

files in network environments. This default directory is 

set to \\SERVER\DISK\SATO\GalleryNet\Bin\System. If 

you ever need to change this, start the program BDE 

Administrator found in Control Panel. Open the 

Configuration tab and browse to Configuration, Drivers, 

Native, PARADOX. Look up definition for "NET DIR". 

Note that this is an advanced setting and should normally 

never be changed. But if you do change it, make sure that 

all workstations point to the same file. 

If you have other applications installed that are using 

BDE, please check BDE settings after installation of 

Label Gallery is completed. If necessary, use the BDE 

Administrator program to set the proper parameters of 

BDE components.  

3.3  Upgrades to newer versions 

Label Gallery software products are under constant 

development. When new versions of SATO Label 

Gallery Network are released, you are strongly 

encouraged to upgrade your installation to the latest 

release. Each new release is full of new enhancements, 

improvements and more reliable functionality. They can 

make a significant boost in your labeling productivity. 

Installation of a new version is identical to installation of 

your copy of SATO Label Gallery Network. A new 

version should be installed to the server first. Start the 

installation as described in chapter Server installation on 

page 1-5. Start the installation from the same computer 

that you used for installation of the current version. 

The setup will determine that there is a previous version 

of SATO Label Gallery Network installed and will 

automatically start the upgrading process. The files will 

be installed to the same folders you selected for the 

earlier  installation. All existing previous settings 

Chapter 3: Miscellaneous  





Installation instructions for SATO Label Gallery True Pro Network 

(including program registration info, labels, forms, 

program settings) and data files will be preserved. 

Please note! The installation program needs read-write 

access to the installation destination. Adjust the folder 

properties if needed. Contact your network administrator 

if in doubt. 


Previous version of SATO Label Gallery Network was found on the system


When you are done with the server installation, you have 

to reinstall the new software version on every workstation 

as well. On each workstation start the program 

WORKSTAT.EXE from the server installation as 

described in chapter Workstation installation on page 1-

8. The setup program will detect previous versions of 

SATO Label Gallery Network workstation, and a new 

release will be then installed to the computer. All existing 

settings and data files from the previous version will be 


If the server and workstation versions are not the same, 

workstation will notify you about this and you will be 

able to start update procedure to Label Gallery. 


System information is newer version as current workstation installation


The upgrade within the major versions of the software 

(i.e. from 2.0 to 2.1 or 2.5 to 2.6 but not from 2.x to 3.x) 

is free of charge. As a registered user of Label Gallery 

software you are entitled to free upgrades. Only shipping 

and handling costs for the Label Gallery CD-ROM would 


The upgrade from one major version to the other (i.e. 

from 2.x to 3.x) is not free of charge. But as a registered 

user of previous versions of Label Gallery software, 


Chapter 3: Miscellaneous 



Installation instructions for SATO Label Gallery True Pro Network 


upgrades to the new version can be acquired at a 

substantial discount in price. 

Please contact you software vendor for matters involving  

licence upgrading and pricing issues. 

3.4  Migration to a new server computer 

This chapter will provide you with information that you 

have to pay a special attention to, if you want to migrate 

SATO Label Gallery Network to another server 


First prepare the new server computer. You will have to 

install the same version of SATO Label Gallery Network 

to it from scratch. Please refer to the chapter Server 


on page 1-5 

how it is done. For this 

procedure your existing Serial Number, Registration 

Number and Registration Code will not be valid. Please 

contact your vendor to acquire new Serial Number for the 

second SATO Label Gallery Network installation. 

When the new server computer has SATO Label Gallery 

Plus properly installed and registered, the only thing left 

to do is to restore the previous program settings and data 


The files that need to be copied into the new server 

computer, if you want to retain the previous settings, are: 


  Global variables (GLOBALS.TDB) 

  Saved variables (*.NVR files) 

  Label Gallery Settings (SETTINGS.TDB) 

  Label Gallery users (USERLIST.TDB) 

  Log file (NLOG.* files) 

  Variables log file (NVARLOG.* files) 

  Custom algorithm definition file (ALGO.DEF) 


These files are located in \Bin\System folder of the server 

installation. When this step is completed, new Label 

Gallery installation should have the same settings as the 

Chapter 3: Miscellaneous  





Installation instructions for SATO Label Gallery True Pro Network 

old one. Make sure, that no user is running Label Gallery 

at this time so the files are not in use and can be 


One more task remains to be done. You probably want to 

copy the label, form and database files to the new server 

computer as well. By default Label Gallery uses the 

directory structure with several subfolders, each for its 

own files: 


  Labels for label files (.LBL) 

  Forms for form files (.OFF) 

  Database for database files 


Copy the contents of these folders to the new server to 

create duplicated file storage. 


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