Intermediate Control Work №2 Group: -21 Name of the student : Nosirov Temur Variant Listening: Section 1/ Questions 1-10

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Temirov Abbos, 25 Mustaqil ish Blanka, 25 Mustaqil ish Blanka, Нарзуллаев Иброхим, Hujjat, 6-Лаборатория иши, Имтиёзли тоифага кирувчи беморларни, 1-маъруза (1) (3), 17-amaliy mashgulot, KLAVITURA ISH, 2 5442927847091999047, Sinov test natijalar, 1-lab(SQL), 6-mav. so\'h.qo\'llan., Маъруза 3

Intermediate Control Work № 2
Group: 3-21 Name of the student : Nosirov Temur
Variant 1
Listening: Section 1/ Questions 1-10
Complete the notes below
Example: name of the agent answer: Flagstone
Areas dealt with: 1……………the city centre (self)
North suburbs
Rent: from 2 250 ponds .to ………500 ponds….a month
Depends on: the area availability of 3 …………garden
Properties available: West park road, rent 4 325 pounds a month including 5 ……the water bills rent 380 a month including 6 the telephone/phone rental.
Viewing arrangements: meet at office on 7 wednesday…. At 5:00 pm.
Need: letter from bank, reference from 8……your employer….. .
Must: give 9……2 weeks……..notice of moving in give deposit of 10 …………1month rent………… pay for contract.
Section 2. Questions 11-17 write no more than 3 words for each answer
11. Who is Mrs. Sutton worried about?
………………………………her daughter Anna
12. What is the name for a group of family doctors working in the same building together? ……………………………………practices
The Coca-Cola company made the first cola drinks more than a hundred years ago. Companies now sell millions of bottles and cans of Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola, and other colas every day. The cola flavor in the drinks comes from the cola or kola nut. These nuts grow on trees in the tropics. Kola nuts have caffeine in them. Coffee, tea, and chocolate have caffeine, too. Caffeine makes some people feel nervous. Now there are cola drinks without caffeine. Cola and other soft drinks have carbon dioxide (CO2) in the water. This gas makes bubbles. There is also a lot of sugar in these drinks. Some soft drinks have an artificial sweetener instead of sugar. It is possible that these artificial sweeteners are dangerous to the body. The ice cream came from the St. Louis World’s fair in 1904, just like the hamburger. You can’t eat either hamburger meat or ice cream in your hands. Someone put hamburger meat in a roll so people could eat it in their hands. For several years, people sold ice cream between two thin cookies so people could eat it in their hands. It was like a sandwich. However the ice cream always dripped out Someone
made the cookie into a cone. The ice cream could not drip out and people could eat it easily with their hands.
Answer the questions
1. What company made the first cola drinks? - Coca-Cola
2. Where does the cola flavor come from? - the cola or kola nut
3. Where do kola nuts grow? Kola nuts grow on trees in the tropics.
4. What do kola nuts have in them? caffeine
5. What does CO2 mean? carbon dioxide
6. Are cola drinks good for you? Why? Sweet, tasty
7. How is an ice cream cone like a hamburger? The ice cream came from the St. Louis World’s fair in 1904, just like a hamburger.
8. Why was an ice cream cone better than an ice cream sandwich? . However the ice cream always dripped out clothes.
III. Writing: Put the questions to the sentences
Example: My mother is at home. – Is your mother at home?
1. Madonna is a pop star. - Is a Madonna pop star?
2. I am interested in art. -Are you interested in art?

3. The shops are open today. Are the shops open today?

4. My friends are angry with me. - Are your friends angry with you?
5. This hotel is expensive. Is this hotel expensive?
6. They are British. Are they British?
7. Books are expensive in my country. Are books expensive in your country?
8. This seat is free. Is this seat free?
9. My shoes are comfortable. Are your shoes comfortable?
10. I am eighteen years old. Are you eighteen years old? (How old are you?)
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