International Six Star Diamond Award

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Tangla Hotel Tianjin is the first hotel in mainland China and the sixth hotel globally 

to be bestowed the “International Six Star Diamond Award” by the American 

Academy of Hospitality Sciences. 


Situated right in the heart of the business and retail districts a top Tianjin Centre, it 

features 116 oversized rooms and suites, rooftop bar and restaurant with romantic 

panoramic views. With residential charm, Tangla Hotel Tianjin brings to the city 

unprecedented levels of luxury, heartfelt service and culinary experience which are 

inherent to the Tangla name. 


The hotel has elegant banquet and meeting facilities including the Grand Ballroom 

which can accommodate up to 400. Also showcased are China Bleu and SóU, the 

rooftop bar and restaurant, which boast dramatic panoramic views of the city, as well 

as the refined Tang Place Chinese restaurant.   


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