Introduction Human body contains incredible amount of energy. Therefore, understanding the process of how energy can be harvested from human body helps to open new spheres of life and use energy at a cheaper price comparatively

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Human body contains incredible amount of energy. Therefore, understanding the process of how energy can be harvested from human body helps to open new spheres of life and use energy at a cheaper price comparatively. This research assists to understand the need of powering electronical devices where there are no power sources. Thermoelectric devices are used to convert thermal energy directly into the electrical energy.

2.Aim, Expected Outcomes and Research Questions

Research’s primary goal is to analyze how energy is harvested from human body through wearable thermoelectric harvesting devices and in what spheres this energy can be used effectively. Expected outcome is that after thorough explanation of the process of harvesting energy, outline what spheres may use energy, generated through human body and emphasize on the thermoelectric devices’ usefulness and decide whether it is better if harvested from thermoelectric device or other means of generators. Additionally, understand why process of harvesting energy from human body should be focused on more and improved in the future.

Research questions are:

  1. Why is this research important?

  2. What benefits would it bring if reached proper outcomes?

  3. What is the principle of TEG (thermoelectric generator)?

  4. How do thermoelectric devices work?

  5. What are the demos of TEG?

  6. Why namely thermoelectric devices not others?

  7. How energy is harvested from human body?

  8. Why is the process of harvesting energy so crucial to learn?

  9. Where can be used the outcomes of the research?

3. Study design/Approach

In my research, I will use three research designs which are data collection, measurement and analysis accordingly. Data collection helps to comprehend the research field better and compile relevant information looking through distinctive theories and articles. Measurement and analysis types help to make a final conclusion. Also, in research, descriptive research design will be used, where all the details and a process of harvesting energy will be explained thoroughly. This allows providing insights into the questions why and how.


4.1 Materials

1. Analysis of different researches, articles derived from websites and books as:

1.1 Fundamental research on the issue “ Recent progress in human body energy harvesting for smart bioelectronic system”

1.2 Analysis of summary developed by Energy Harvesting Network

1.3 Analysis of “Review of wearable thermoelectric energy harvesting: from body temperature to electronic systems”

1.4 “Recent Techniques for Harvesting Energy from human body”

1.5 “High-performance wearable thermoelectric generator with self-healing, recycling and Lego-like reconfiguring capabilities”

4.2 Instruments

In order to collect, measure and analyze data related to my research, structured interviews from professors of Universities and surveys from local people will be a useful tool. As I am doing a descriptive research, aforementioned tools help to collect relevant information and focus more on a research field.

4.3 Methods

In order to prove the relevance of collected data, experiments with volunteers will help to look for links between performance and the effectiveness of wearable thermoelectric devices. Also, during experiments, harvesting energy from wearable thermoelectric devices will be possible and through trying other types of generators, one conclusion might be drawn.

4.4 Data analysis methods

There numerous methods of doing analysis. Descriptive, diagnostic and prescriptive methods will be useful to explain the process and the aim of my research. Descriptive is used for explaining the first step of any analytic process and also the process of harvesting energy from human body. Diagnostic method will help to explain why the steps of process happened in this order. Moreover, Prescriptive method will assist to outline the result and the reasoning for result.


Permissions for interviewing professors might be challenging. Also, some people might refuse to answer to questions related to topic. Moreover, wearable thermoelectric devices might not work.

6. Timeline

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