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This tutorial outlines important aspects of the “Investment” course. It covers all sections of 
this training course and responds the requirements of State educational standards. 
The textbook discusses General concepts of the module “Fundamentals of investment", the 
economic content and essence of investments, the main stages of investment processes, investment 
activities and investment policy of Uzbekistan, their role in the international integration of foreign 
investment and the economy, the creation of free economic zones, the investment climate
innovation and investment in intangible assets, investment in human capital, capital construction 
in investment activities., the state program of development and similar themes are reflected in a 
logical sequence from the point of view of consensus and continuity. 
This textbook is intended for bachelors, master students in the economic direction of higher 
educational institutions, teachers, applicants, as well as for those who are interested and engaged 
in investment activities.

Download 198.09 Kb.

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