Işik Üniversitesi, Şile‐Istanbul, Turkey

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Işik Üniversitesi, Şile‐Istanbul, Turkey 



Şile, Istanbul, Turkey (5.5km away from city centre of Sile, around 50 km from Istanbul) 


2 Campus (Maslak campus in Istanbul, Şile campus located 50km out of Istanbul where most of the 

faculties are located) 


Partner Faculty: 

Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences 


This partner university offers courses in the following languages:  



The winter semester runs from the beginning of October till the end of January. 

The spring semester runs from mid-February to mid-June. 


Application deadlines for exchange students are: 

Fall semester- 15 June 

Spring semester- 15 November 


This partner university awards credits according to the ECTS. 


The partner university offers the following accommodation options:  

On campus there are variety accommodation options: 


rooms with two beds and private bathroom, while others have three and four beds, where 

students use common bathroom facilities at each end of their floor 


All rooms are fully furnished and include refrigerators, cable TV and wireless internet 

access. Small kitchenettes and fully furnished communal meeting areas where students can 

socialize and also watch TV as well as a study room in every building.  

Living costs per month will range around:  

Dormitories between 2500-5200TL (1291- 2687€) per academic year 

Book expenses (average per year according to courses and classes): 400 - 500 YTL 

Food expenses at the campus cafeteria (monthly average, 3 meals/day): 500 YTL 

Incidental and personal expenses (monthly average): 200 YTL 




A visa costs about: 

While European citizens may be able to enter Turkey on a tourist visa, you will be required to 

obtain a student visa while studying at Isik.  You will be required to send or show a copy of your 

visa to Marion C. Schmidt prior to leaving for your semester abroad. After arriving in Turkey, you 

will be required to apply for and obtain a residence permit (for more information refer to the Isik U 

Student Guide Book, see link below). 


The application at this partner university consist of the following documents:  


A completed and signed Application Form with photograph 


Official Transcript of Studies (make sure to order your certified and translated Notenspiegel 

on time, contact the Studienbüro accordingly) 


Certificate of English Proficiency: 550 for TOEFL (old), 213 for TOEFL (new), 7.0 for IELTS (all 



Learning Agreement (Course List, signed by both Ms. Knöll from the International Office 

and Ms. Schmidt (IB Master students and others) or Ms. Reitze (IB Bachelor) from the Faculty 

of Economics and Business Administration; if the schedule for the semester you will be 

spending at Isik has not yet been placed online, please refer to the course catalogue of the 

previous fall or spring term – depending on when you will be going there – to get a rough 

idea which courses will be offered) 


Housing Application Form  (optional) 


Please send your application to:  

Sebnem Kismir and Ms. Oznur Kaymak Muhtaroglu 


International Office Coordinator 

Üniversite Sok. No: 2 

Mesrutiyet Koyu, 34980 



Phone: 0090 216 5287026 

Fax: 0090 216 7121469 

E-mail: Şebnem Kişmir  sebnem[dot]kismir [at] isikun.edu.tr  and oznur[at]isikun[dot]edu[dot]tr 


Interesting links for incoming students (if applicable): 

Website in English: http://en.isikun.edu.tr/ 

Section for Incoming Exchange students: 




Forms and basic info (including link to the Student Guide Book and FAQ): 




Information correct as of 22 February 2012. 

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