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10 000.00 UZS
• Tadbirda ishtirok etish uchun belgilangan yosh chegarasi chiptaning old tomonida ko'rsatilgan.
• Korporativ chiptalar qaytarib olinmaydi.
• Tadbir davomida mobil telefonlar o'chirilgan bo'lishi yoki ovozsiz holatga o'tkazilishi kerak.
• Возрастное ограничение допуска на мероприятие указано на лицевой стороне билета.
• Корпоративные билеты возврату не подлежат.
• Во время мероприятия мобильные телефоны должны быть отключены или переведены на беззвучный режим.
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Стадион Пахтакор
02.10.2022 18:00
Tickets to this Competition are issued by and remain the property of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC)
1. Only holders of this ticket shall be permitted entry to the Stadium and provided access to the specific areas as designated on this ticket. Tickets
shall only be valid on the date(s) and time(s) as indicated on the ticket.
2. Tickets shall not be exchangeable, refundable or redeemable for cash.
3. Any tickets which are damaged, lost or stolen shall not be replaced.
4. Tickets shall not be used as a medium for promotional or commercial activities.
5. Dangerous materials, weapons, illegal or unlawful substances, fire and explosives are strictly prohibited.
6. Ticket holders shall provide full cooperation and submit to any search or verification conducted by relevant authorities.
7. Ticket holders attend and bring personal belongings to the venue at their own risk.
8. Commercial photography, audio or video recordings are strictly prohibited. 9. Smoking at the venue if prohibited except in certain designated
areas as indicated.
10. AFC reserves the right, without prior notice, to make alterations to the time, date, seating arrangements and venue of the competition.
11. The AFC reserves the right without refund or compensation to refuse admission or evict any person(s) whose conduct is deemed disorderly or
inappropriate or who poses a threat to security or the enjoyment of the services by others.
12. Ticket holders expressly consent to the recording or photography of their image, voice and/or likeness and agree to the use of which by the AFC,
its agent and partners in perpetuity in any and all media for any purposes throughout the world, without payment of compensation
13. To the extent permitted by law, the AFC, Local Organising Committee and venue management exclude any liability (including for personal injury,
death or loss or damage to personal property) howsoever arising in connection with a match, property which is lost, stolen or damaged. 
14. The ticket terms and conditions may be amended from time to time reflect changes in the rules of admission, relevant laws and regulatory
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