‘It’s about community, culture and language’: Welsh family farmers dig in for their future Level 2

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‘It’s about community, culture and language’: Welsh family farmers dig in 
for their future
Level 2: 
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a. What do you know about Wales and Welsh people? Are these statements True or False?
1. Wales is bigger than Scotland.
2. Mount Everest was named after a Welshman.
3. More than half a million people speak Welsh as a first language.
4. The colours of the Welsh flag are red, white, and blue.
5. Queen Elizabeth II was born in Wales.
6. The capital city of Wales is Cardiff.

Key words
a. Find the following words in the text. The paragraph numbers are given to help you. 
1. not complicated 
2. balance the effect of something with the result that there is no advantage or disadvantage 
3. restoring land to its wild, uncultivated state and reintroducing wild animal species 
4. lively and full of activity 
5. noticing that something is happening and realizing that it is important 
6. likely to be harmed or damaged (two words) 
7. an occasion when government officials count the number of people who live in a country and 
record other information about them 
8. grow and do well 
9. argue in order to agree the price of something 
10. the particular features of a population, for example, people’s age or ethnicity 

‘It’s about community, culture and language’: Welsh family farmers dig in 

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