Jagriti Bal Vikas Samiti An organization commited to children’s education and welfare Our vision Education and welfare of underprivileged children

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Jagriti Bal Vikas Samiti An organization commited to children’s education and welfare

Our vision

  • Education and welfare of underprivileged children

  • Learning is fun!! Learning through activities. A lot of scope for creativity.

  • Avoid rote learning.

Our vision

  • Humanist education with due emphasis on understanding of the environment.

  • Integrate vocational training

  • Teachers training to widen their horizons in science, history, social issues as well as in leadership and execution of responsibilities.

About us

  • A group of

    • IITK faculty and students
    • Social workers
    • Youth in the neighbourhood
    • Teachers and children
    • Professionals in the country and abroad

About us

  • Our schools at

    • Swami Vivekanand Vidyalaya, Lodhar
    • Evening tutoring school for children of IIT servants and labourers.
    • Various construction sites and brick kilns in the city for migrant children
    • An school for dropouts in Dighalo, Orissa.

About us

  • Research on

    • An effective and meaningful education system combining creativity and learning.
    • Workshop modules to spread science.

SVV, Lodhar

  • 180 children and 8 teachers

  • A very good library with 6000 books, a science lab, a computer laboratory.

  • We also emphasize art, music, play, leadership.

SVV, Lodhar

Science Workshops

  • We are conducting science workshops on relevant topics like

  • (a) Human body and its various systems

  • (b) Day-night, seasons, and eclipse

  • We take a batch of approx 25 children in a village and do the workshop with the help of school teachers and volunteers.

Model Making During Workshop

Kids Watching Animation

Science Popularization

  • We have a good science lab containing

    • Microscopes, slides, dissected animals
    • Chemicals
    • Physics instruments
  • Lab incharge goes to 10 neighbouring schools with above kits and interacts with children.

Schools for migrant children

  • There are around 2 lacs migrant labourers in Kanpur.

  • We are running 17 schools for children of these labourers.

Schools for migrant children

  • One such center is close to Hall 7 IIT

Schools for migrant children

  • Each center has 30 children and 1 teacher.

  • We provide books, stationary, and nutrition to the children.

Evening tutoring school

  • Run at SAC for children of IIT servants and labourers.

  • We promote art, music, reading, sports, along with regular subjects.

Printing Press & Publications

  • We have an offset printing press capable of printing four colour jobs.

  • We have published and printed following books so far.

  • catur maomanaa

  • maanava SarIr mao pacana tM~

  • Plan to print books, posters, and newsletters.

Mobile Library

  • Mobile library in Kursauli, Ratanpur, and Nankari.

  • Library at Jagriti office at IIT Gate

  • Library at SVV school Nankari

Activities in Orissa

  • Relief work after supercyclone.

  • We constructed a community toilet after cyclone.

  • Cooperative formed by girls. They make handicrafts.

  • A school for dropout children.


  • Prayas, IIT Kanpur

  • Eklavya, Hoshangabad (M.P)

  • National Service Scheme (NSS), IIT Kanpur

  • Vivekananda Samiti, IIT Kanpur

  • Association for India’s Development (AID)

  • Asha

  • Dr. R. Venkataraman Foundation

  • Freelance Social Workers

We request your support and participation in

  • Financial

  • Books and toys

  • Old computers

  • Developing educational modules

  • Translation

  • Teaching

  • Buy our cards and handicrafts to support the children

We request your support and participation in

  • Vocational training and avenues for our youth volunteers and graduating students.

  • Ideas..

Thank you!

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