Just in time operational Systems for Manufacturing… jit and Lean Production

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  • Operational Systems for Manufacturing… JIT and Lean Production

Informal review…

  • Work on this during class today. Thanks for your inputs…

As a Manufacturing Leader...

The Problem of Manufacturing…

  • Getting the right material and physical resources together at the right place and at the right time to meet the customer’s requirements.

  • Desired features, On time delivery, High Quality, at the best price…

Breaking down the problem…

Background reading…


  • Only what is needed, nothing more...   To have only the right materials, parts and products in the right place at the right time.  

THE SEVEN WASTES from Shigeo Shingo in Robert W. Halls book Attaining Manufacturing Excellence, 1987

Claims for JIT:

What happens with JIT…

  • Eliminate non-value added activities  less time spent and less money spent...

  • Involve your suppliers and customers eliminate duplications, non value addded activ.

  • Shorter Set-up time and less WIP 

JIT Action Areas…

  • Develop people - increase skills,productivity, morale

  • Eliminate waste in all areas

  • Optimize materials handling and production flow

  • Control Tooling

  • Increase quality

  • Improve continuously!

Develop the pipeline flow... then work to shorten it!

  • Eliminate multiple locations

  • Contract the plant layout

  • Eliminate the "pipeline failures"

    • Reliability
    • Quality
    • People
  • Reduce "changeover times” and “lot sizes" significantly

  • Use "mind technology" before applying high technology!  

Arvin Cell… with 6 operators

  • Bend Pipe and trim inlet end

  • Heat and form inlet end

  • Size and inspect/test

Traditional Production Line… 6 people

First pass work cell design… 3 people

Second try – work cell design – 1 person

Floor Space Reduction nearly 50%

Documented savings…

The Name Game…

  • JIT

  • Short Cycle Mfg.

  • Toyota Production System

  • Synchronous Mfg.

  • Lean Manufacturing

  • Lean Production

  • Common Sense Mfg.

The Vision of “Lean” in the USA

  • Perhaps best stated by James Womack, and Daniel Jones in two popular books…

  • First…

  • The Machine That Changed the World (1990)

Unlocking the power of “Lean” requires more than just “tools”:

  • James Womack, and Daniel Jones second book…

  • Lean Thinking (1996)

“Lean Thinking” presents…

  • An “Americanizedview of lean production

    • Precisely specifying value by product
    • Identifying the value stream for each product
    • Making the value-creating steps flow without interruptions
    • Letting the customer “pull’ value from the producer
    • Pursuing perfection (continuously improving)

Lean Production Challenges…

  • Developing beyond the “tools”…

  • Inculcating the concepts and values of lean production into the fabric of an organization…

  • Working to truly improve continuously

  • Expanding lean efforts out to your customers and to all your suppliers

Lean Production can lead to lots of open questions…

Thanks for your attention…

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