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Girl rising

Khasan Mavlyanov

Webster University in Tashkent
Global Cornerstone Seminar
September 29,2020

Nowadays, girls face a lot of problems until they reach adulthood. They mainly have problems with rape, early marriage, and studying. In this essay, I want to show the girls ’problems and the solution to them.

First of all, the rape of girls is very high all over the world but mainly in Afghanistan, Thailand and other countries. In Afghanistan, the fact that girls are unable to leave their homes and even be educated until they are 18 is a huge problem. This means that every year, 1 in 4 girls in the world suffer from rape. But in every country, girls are engaged in prostitution, or face the scourge of human trafficking, mainly because of neglect and dissatisfaction with the education provided to them, or because of low wages. In many countries, early marriages are the result of disregard for a girl's wishes and desires, and poor families with girls are forced into marriage for the benefit of the rich. In the African country of Somalia, many girls are protected by the United Nations to this day because of an unusual wedding that is considered a custom and because young girls have had difficult days since childhood. Not all countries are taking the necessary steps to prevent this. In Uzbekistan, as in other countries, there are fines or criminal charges for rape, theft and other offenses. If these problems are addressed by the presidents by the United Nations, for underage girls in every country every month, the state can prevent them by providing them with money every month. Their rights would have been prevented if the state and the monthly employment of helpless girls had been considered.

Reading is the most common global problem in the world. No state can show that education in its own country is equally distributed to boys and girls. So, the problem with studying mainly in girls is when entering an institute or university. There are a lot of quotas for boys, for example, the military quota, but there are no girls. It is very difficult to study in Asia, and mainly in African countries, because the conditions and the promised UN are not paying attention to girls ’education. The most important thing is to raise money, whoever has money now is studying, but what do those who do not have money do? They need to be decided by the UN in consultation with the presidents of each country, which will help solve the problem, mainly in Africa, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and India, where the conditions are good. . First, new technology, special education and free education and meals for girls from other countries with special needs and free accommodation should be provided to girls who come from other countries to study. Second, if they want to do education online, they need to be provided with the internet and computers they need for helpless married girls, and all of this is supported by the UN.

To sum up, human rights do not only create rights for men, but also mean that women are equal to men. But there are some people who make women's rights the same as the earth, and such people should be severely punished. Instead of being raped and getting married early, you need to know and act on the girls ’interests and their purpose.

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