Khoja Abdulkhaliq ibn Abduljamil Gijduvani Uktamova Sayyora

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Zarnigor, Sayyora
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Khoja Abdulkhaliq ibn Abduljamil Gijduvani

Uktamova Sayyora

Omonova Zarnigor

Khoja Abdulkhaliq ibn Abduljamil Gijduvani (1103– Gijduvan - 1179) was one of the founders and theorists of the Khojagan mystical sect.

Also known as Lord of the Worlds. A copy of his work "Zikri voqioti Kho-jaiy Jahon Abdulkholiq Gijduvoniy" written in 1717 by an unknown author dedicated to his biography is kept at the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan. He memorized the Qur'an at the age of nine. From the age of 10, he took an active part in the dhikrs' dhikrs. He learned tafsir from his first teacher from Bukhara, Imam Sadriddin. At the age of 22, Yusuf met Hamadoni and became his murid. He devoted himself to prayer and rhyme and completed 5 works during his lifetime. Of these, the book "The Authority of Khoja Yusuf Hamadoni" ("Virtues of Khoja Yusuf Hamadoni") describes the biography of his teacher and his teachings. A. F. Yusuf Hamadoni enriched his teachings in every way, introduced dhikr into practice, and formed the eight rules of the Khojaly sect. The teachings of A. F. were studied and interpreted by the great Sufis of the later period. For example, Ahmad ibn Mawlana Jalal al-Din Khojagi, known by the nickname "Makhdumi Azam", commented on the four testaments of A. Kasani in his work "Risolai chahor kalima" ("Treatise on the Four Words"). The main part of A.F.'s mystical teachings is described in the "Treatise" of Mawlana Saduddin Kashgari (1456 BC), the teacher of Abdurahman Jami. Tomb of A. F. in Gijduvan.

Khoja Abdulkhaliq ibn Abduljamil Gijduvani, a great representative of mysticism, a famous saint, the founder and leader of the Central Asian sect known as Khojagon, was born in 1103 in an enlightened family in the village of Gijduvan, one of the largest trade caravan routes near Bukhara. After receiving his first education in his village, at the age of 22 he came to Bukhara to improve his knowledge. Here he receives sufficient training from the great scholars and mystics of the time. His meeting with the famous mystical leader Abu Yaqub Yusuf Hamadoni (d. 1140) was especially important. Yusuf Hamadani converted him to the Sufi order

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