Kitsap County 2016 Comprehensive Plan Reduction in E. Port Orchard uga

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Kitsap County 2016 Comprehensive Plan – Reduction in E. Port Orchard UGA 


The WSUD Board of Commissioners requested that the County Commissioners approve the “no action 

alternative” for the East Port Orchard UGA. 


The following is the basis to support the District’s position that the County should not remove the Phillips 

Road subarea and Mile Hill/BabyDoll subarea from the UGA: 




Sewer Treatment Plant Capacity:  The jointly-owned sewer treatment plant (South Kitsap Water 

Reclamation Facility) is operating at 45% capacity Sewer treatment plant was expanded in 2006 

which has sewer capacity of an additional 12,500 ERUs (can serve an increase of population of 

27,500-31,000).   Further reduction in the UGA will have a significant impact on the City’s and 

District’s ratepayers since it will limit the number of future sewer connections and collection of 

general facility charges and sewer utility rates. 




WSUD Sewer Comprehensive Plan:  The changes to the UGA are inconsistent with the District’s 

Sewer Comp Plan, and constant changes to the growth boundaries frustrates the District’s ability to 

provide proper long-range capital facility planning.  The current UGA and revised boundaries give 

little thought to how these growth areas can be served by sewer service.   




West Sound Utility District Adopts Planning Resolution:  On August 17, 2015, WSUD Board of 

Commissioners approved Resolution 565-15 which sets forth a proposal to Kitsap County to modify 

the E. Port Orchard UGA to include revisions to six subareas in order to better accommodate the 

planning and development of sewer service for the growth areas.   




Improved Planning and Collaboration between County and WSUD:  District provided County staff 

with our engineering report in August, 2015, to modify the UGA to include adjustments to six 

subareas so the District could more properly plan and provide sewer service within the East Port 

Orchard UGA. Although the District and County staff met, there was little feedback from the County 

staff.  Furthermore, there are areas within WSUD “annexation/service” areas that are currently 

outside the UGA.  These areas should be brought into the UGA.   




Downsizing the UGA is Contrary to the Intent of GMA:  Consulted with MRSC legal staff last year 

regarding reduction in the UGA.  It is contrary to growth management act (GMA) to shrink 

boundaries of areas that have been developed as urban and areas that have been annexed into a sewer 





Phillips Road Subarea:  Nearly two years ago, the County staff (Eric Baker, Jon Brand) were made 

aware of the fact that the District has been working with property owners of undeveloped property 

along Phillips Rd. to form a ULID to fund the extension of water and sewer service to about 150 

acres within this subarea.   Jon and staff came out to Phillips Rd. to meet with us to assist with the 

planning of water and sewer service extension to this area. 




Baby Doll/Mile Hill Subarea:  This subarea is substantially developed as residential (many ¼ - ½ 

acre lots) and commercial and the District is currently working on extending sewer service to two 

plats within this area; there have also been 38 requests for sewer service within this subarea; there are 

currently failing septic tank systems in this subarea. 

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