L’Atelier Miami Beach is the most unique and boutique new development located in the heart

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North Beach


L’Atelier Miami Beach is the most unique and 

boutique new development located in the heart 

of North Beach. The exceptional beachfront 

location provides a relaxing getaway from 

the multitude of tourists, while still having the 

convenience of fi ne restaurants and a retail 

district in the surrounding area. L’Atelier is an 

ultra luxury oceanfront building with only 23 

direct ocean facing residences, North Beach’s 

most exclusive new address.


As Noted By 

The Press

“North Beach has a very unique and special ‘small town feel to it’ and a 

‘Woody Allen charm.’” (Miami New Times)

“North Beach emerged as the hottest real estate sub-markets in greater 

Miami” seeing a ‘Renaissance of activity’”. (The Real Deal)

“Ethnic eateries, MiMo architecture and plenty of green space (and 

parking spaces!) are making Miami Beach’s North Beach neighborhood 

more attractive than ever” (The Miami Herald)

“North Beach, one of Miami Beach’s true gems. We are in contact with 

Universities (to bring a prominent one to North Beach), and exploring 

partnerships for 71 street. Additional entertainment such as skateboarding 

park and off-leash beach are contemplated.” (Miami Beach Mayor)



Carrilon Hotel & Spa (Formally Canyon Ranch) located next door to L’Atelier; offering an exclusive luxurious multi-story

70,000 SF indoor and outdoor integrated wellness space surrounded by breath taking views of the Atlantic Ocean as 

well as a full service spa. 

Lincoln Road  is a pedestrian road running east-west parallel between 16th Street and 17th Street in Miami Beach, 

Florida, United States. It hosts a pedestrian mall replete with shops, restaurants, galleries, and other businesses 

between Washington Avenue with a traffic accessible street extending east to the Atlantic Ocean and west to Alton 

Road with a traffic accessible street extending to Biscayne Bay.

LaGorce Golf and Tennis Club is a golf, fitness, and tennis club with a variety of professionals always ready to improve your 

game or fitness level with expert advice.

Bal Harbour Shops founded by owner/developer Stanley Whitman in 1965, ranked the number one most productive 

shopping center in the U.S., based on average sales per square foot, according to Women’s Wear Daily. The lushly-

landscaped, open-air mall was the first mall location for many famed merchants such as Gucci, Cartier and Bulgari. 

Louis Vuitton, Prada, Sergio Rossi, Dolce and Gabbana, and Roberto Cavalli chose Bal Harbour as the site for their first 

ventures outside New York. The “Shopping Hall of Fame” now houses 100 world-class boutiques and flagship stores.

There are many great 

restaurants in the 

surrounding area that are 

within walking distance 

to L’Atelier. Additionally, 

the fabulous restaurants 

of South Beach and Bal 

Harbor are only minutes 

driving time South and 

North, respectively.

Hakkasan: With dishes customized to make use of the 

best local ingredients, the restaurant serves Hakkasan’s 

award-winning modern Cantonese cuisine and signature 

cocktails, and a dim sum lunch menu is also available on 


Scarpetta, led by James Beard award recipient Scott 

Conant, offers a regional Italian menu combining the 

simplicity of Italy’s cucina rustica with the refined flavors 

of fine cuisine amidst breathtaking unobstructed views of 

the Atlantic Ocean and beautifully lit pools

Makoto, named for Iron Chef Makoto Okuwa, presents 

an elegant menu that gets playful with its spin on Asian 

classics. The restaurant’s warmth comes through with 

golden walls, wide-plank floors and lighting that give off 

a rosy glow. And although the décor is enviable, the main 

attraction here is the sushi bar, bincho-charcoal robata 

grill and the sake-focused beverage menu.

Rouge located minutes away from L’Atelier serving 

the finest French and Morroccan Cuisine in the most 

Romantic Outdoor Dinning. 

Café Prima Pasta, the family owned and operated 

restaurant has built a large and loyal following of fans 

with a menu that successfully blends the flavorful 

traditions of Italian cooking with the Italian heritage 

and gastronomic influences of the Cea family, who first 

opened the doors in 1993.

What was once a small dining room on a secluded side 

of Miami Beach is now a bustling bistro catering to 

numerous celebrities as evidenced by the signed and 

framed head shots that adorn the dining room walls.

Nespresso Boutique Bar offering specialty coffee as well 

as delicious pastries and chocolates. Schedule to be 

opened in the Carillon Hotel.


BASS Museum located 10 minutes away  from L’Atelier; the museum specializes in exhibitions of contemporary art. Founded 

in 1963 when the City of Miami Beach accepted a collection of Renaissance and Baroque works of art from collectors John 

and Johanna Bass, it opened its doors one year later as the Bass Museum of Art located in the original Miami Beach Library 

designed in 1930 by Russell Pancoast.

New World Symphony  Established in 1987, the organization is a training ensemble for young musicians in their 20s in preparation 

for professional careers in classical music. The New World Symphony presents a season of concerts from September to 

May at the 756-seat concert hall of the New World Center. Performances include full-orchestra concerts, a chamber music 

series, a new music series, percussion consort series, small ensemble concerts, a family series, and special festivals

Miami City Ballet. Miami City Ballet is one of the nation’s leading dance companies and the only dance company of its size and 

stature based in the state of Florida. Having toured to more than 100 U.S. cities and performed internationally, Miami City 

Ballet has been globally recognized as a world-class company by numerous publications, including the New Yorker, Le Monde, 

Financial Times, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, among others.

Filmore Theatre The Fillmore Miami Beach at the Jackie Gleason Theater showcases the biggest names in live entertainment. 

Steeped in rock ‘n’ roll history while maintaining cultural relevance, our theater passionately combines the rich tradition of the 

Fillmore Experience with the energy and passion of Miami Beach. 

Art Basel Art Basel stages the world’s premier Modern and contemporary art fairs, staged annually in Basel, Miami Beach, 

and Hong Kong. A driving force in supporting the role that galleries play in nurturing the careers of their artists, Art Basel 

frequently expands its platforms to include the newest developments in the visual arts.

Miami Beach 


North Beach 

Master Plan

The Miami Beach City Commission on Wednesday unanimously 

approved a master plan for the city’s North Beach neighborhood, 

which stretches from 63rd Street to 87th Street.

The plan, which was developed over the past year by town 

planners Dover Kohl, offers a set of specific proposals to 

revitalize the area which has lagged behind South Beach and 

Mid-Beach areas of the city in terms of development.  


The 189-page master plan calls for five big ideas to revitalize 

the area: the creation of a town center along 71st Street, 

more walkable streets, enhancing neighborhoods through the 

creation of local historic and local conservation districts, the 

creation of more parks and upgrading construction to withstand 

the challenges of sea-level rise.  

Jason King, a project director and town planner at Dover 

Kohl, who oversaw the creation of the master plan, told 

commissioners “our job is to create the economic revitalization 

of North Beach.” Jeff Oris, the city’s economic development 

director said the plan offers a “consensus over how to move 

forward to the future.”

Miami Beach City Commission also creates short-term 

rental district for North Beach

While the commission approved the master plan, City Manager Jimmy 

Morales cautioned that while “the plan is a map that goes forward, 

parts of it will come back through the budgeting process.”    

Many aspects of the plan will require ordinance changes and approval 

from the city commission. Commissioners have already given 

preliminary approval to raising height limits from 75 feet to 125 feet 

along 71st Street and parts of 72nd Street in a move to create a 

town center for North Beach. They have also created a new overlay 

district for the Ocean Terrace Historic District between 73rd Street 

and 75th Street where developer Sandor Scher could build a new 

235-foot high condominium or a hotel along Ocean Terrace.

Also on Wednesday, commissioners voted 7-5 to approve the creation 

of a short-term or extended stay rental district along Harding Avenue 

from 87th Street south to 73rd Street. The ordinance will allow 

for short-term rentals for weeklong periods in buildings that front 

Harding Avenue.

Both developers and preservationists supported the measure, saying 

there were no incentives for owners of the 75 buildings covered by the 

ordinance to preserve them because they are not suitable for multi-

year rentals and rental income derived from the buildings was not 

sufficient to cover the high costs of maintaining the aging structures 

– especially increasing insurance premiums related to the costs of 

sea-level rise. Commissioner Ricky Arriola said, “the idea is to allow 

buildings to be used lawfully and allow owners to spruce them up.”   

Commissioners took no action on whether to support a 

recommendation made last week by the city’s historic preservation 

board to create two local historic districts in North Beach. The 

commission has 60 days from October 11th  to either support the 

measure or amend the proposed boundaries for the  local districts.

Local historic designation would require the historic preservation 

board to review any plans to alter or demolish buildings within such 

a district. Preservationists support the creation of the two districts 

but some developers say many of the low-rise buildings in North 

Beach are not sustainable because of sea-level rise and any move to 

preserve them won’t work. The city’s land use committee is expected 

to discuss the issue next week and make further recommendations to 

the city commission.


for The Real Deal

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