Leaders in pad printing, we have created a new application, especially ment for gas cylinders

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  • Leaders in pad printing, we have created a new application , especially ment for


Properties of the system

  • To position, center, lift up and then print your logo on gas cylinders

  • Possibility to print one / two colours on the two opposite sides of the cylinder

  • Production output rate: 90 pieces per hour ( expressly requested by customer)

  • Sizes of logo: 110 x 120 mm on one side, and 60 x 200 on the opposite

  • Possibility of ‘’on line’’ installation, linked with a servicing/fill up station

  • Customized solutions

  • Sizes of the system mm 4800x4850x2400

Composition of machine

  • Cylinder stopping device

  • placed on conveyor allowing the passage of one bottle a time, towards the lifting device

  • ---.---.---

  • Orientation and lifting device

  • Providing centering and blocking the right position during printing stage

Nr. 2 PAD PRINTERS, LEXICA 150 (here you see the backside of one of them)

  • One machine in front of the other

  • Printing device on 90°

  • Electropneumatic drive

  • Axes movement on slideways

  • Plc commands on keyboard

  • Each printer is adjustable on X – Y axis

  • Cliche holder plate mm 750

  • Machines support adjustable in height (see the picture here at side)

Very special: on both printing heads Transversal Doctoring System - due to the very big logos to print -

  • Each machine is fitted with one sealed cup , diam. 135, with ceramic ring.

  • Pneumatically operated, and sliding horizontally on the cliche holder plate

  • Size of the cliches 150x640, photopolymer type

  • Stroke of cup mm 500

Features of the printing line

    • ° The machine was projected for being integrated into a production/reconditioning/ refurbishment line of gas cylinders


  • In the picture it is possible to see the printing system R90: the pad picks the image up from the cliche, and moves horizontally to the bottle (makes a movement on 90°)

  • Moment of cylinder lift up

Back side view Clamping and lifting

Where to find us:

  • Via Sitia Yomo 8 –

  • 20080 PASTURAGO DI VERNATE (Milano)

  • Phone + 39 02 90091556

  • Fax + 39 02 90091590

  • Web site : www.cromasrl.it

Download 1.44 Mb.

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