Learning is a process by which a change in behavior occurs as a result of experience

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Learning is a process by which a change in behavior occurs as a result of experience
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Learning is a process by which a change in behavior occurs as a result of experience.

As you watch the video try to answer the following questions:

1. In his work, Pavlov found that a metronome could produce salivation in dogs. Why?

2. What is learned in classical conditioning?

3. How does extinction of a given conditioned response take place?

4. What is Thorndike’s Law of Effect?

5. According to John Watson, any behavior, even strong emotion, could be explained by the power of:

6. In Watson’s work, why was Little Albert afraid of other animals and the mask?

7. What was the unconditioned stimulus used with Little Albert?

8. Skinner found that the rate at which a pigeon pecked at a target varied directly with:

9. Which of the following did Skinner use as a reinforcer to shape behavior?

10. What is learned in operant conditioning?

What real life examples can you think of for either classical conditioning or operant conditioning?

Answer the following questions as you watch the memory video:

1. Memory can be affected by:

2. Herman Ebbinghaus researched memory showing that an initial rapid loss, followed by a slow decline occurred. What was missing from his study? Why did he do so poorly on his memory experiment?

3. The order in which memory occurs is:

4. T or F. Long term memory is essentially unlimited

5. T or F. Long term memory is available for a lifetime

6. Material stored in your memory is part of:

7. The length of time for short term memory is: .

8. Short term, or working memory is all new information in current use. The amount of items that can held is:

9. The strategy for memory improvement in which you group related items is known as:

10. According to Gordon Bower what is the key to using a mnemonic device for improving your memory?

11. The constructive process of remembering means we

12. Frameworks of our basic ideas of people, ideas and situations are known as:
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