Lecture 12. Museums operated in the Republic of Uzbekistan Plan

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Lecture 12
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Lecture 12. Museums operated in the Republic of Uzbekistan

  1. Museums in the Republic of Uzbekistan

  2. Museum of Arts of Uzbekistan

  3. Museum of Applied Art

  4. Khiva City Museum

Key words: Museums in the Republic of Uzbekistan, Museum of Arts of Uzbekistan, Museum of Applied Art, Khiva City Museum, Museum of Steam Locomotives, Samarkand "Afrasiab" History Museum, Local History Museum of Bukhara, Museum of Puppets.

Methods of the lesson:

Museums in Uzbekistan - 10 best

Where if not in museums, we can get knowledge about one or another side of people’s life we are interested in? In this regard, in Uzbekistan there are dozens of museums devoted to various Themes. Below are the most famous.

Museum of Arts of Uzbekistan

Founded back in 1918, it represents a unique collection of art works from different directions. The works date back to the 15th-20th centuries.
The museum consists of four departments:
- the Department of Applied Arts of Uzbekistan consists of the goods of handicraft production, left from ancient, medieval civilizations and also new and modern times. Today, carpets, fabrics with original embroideries and utensils amaze visitors with their beauty. This tells us that the inhabitants of ancient civilizations settled on these lands were not far from the feeling of beauty. And you can make sure of this here;
- Department of Arts of East countries. This is a collection of artworks and crafts of India, China, South Korea, also Japan. They reflect the characteristic features of the represented nations life, as well as the features of their aesthetic perception - you will see original examples of beauty, as it was understood by Far Eastern culture creators;
- Department of Art of Russia and countries of Western Europe. Here you will see samples of the icon painting art, the work of unsurpassed Russian painting masters, as well as the work of famous Western European artists of the 15th-19th centuries. Also, you can see sculptures of European masters made in antique style.
- Department of Fine Arts of Uzbekistan. Here the largest collection of the museum is presented, showing the way of development of Uzbekistan’s national painting in all its origin. That means decades of formation and development, search and mastering of one's own path in art - the path that took form in the fusion of the classical school and the trends of a specific era when a master used to work in.

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