Lecture 12. Museums operated in the Republic of Uzbekistan Plan

Museum of History of Uzbekistan and Museum of Timurid’s History

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Lecture 12
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Museum of History of Uzbekistan and Museum of Timurid’s History.

One of the oldest museums in all of Central Asia. Hundreds of rare exhibits will show you the birth, development, decline and change of civilizations, from the 5th century BC. through the Middle Ages and to our days. We also recommend visiting the Timurids History Museum, which will tell you about the great era in the history of the country - the era of its highest power, the medieval empire of Amir Timur and his descendants.

Museum of Applied Art

Features of folk culture are always associated with the peculiarities of the geography and life of people. And the heritage of folk culture is always reflected in the subjects that are used to solve pressing practical problems. To some extent, objects are similar to all peoples who share a similar lifestyle. But the distinctive feature is the use of the aesthetic component - a sense of beauty that is characteristic of a person. It manifests itself in different forms among different peoples. For centuries, accumulating and transmitting wealth forms as a result a treasure trove and that becomes a heritage. It is this heritage that distinguishes the Uzbek people, is represented in the Museum of Applied Arts. Products decorating the interior are carpets, fabrics, mural paintings, painted dishes, wood carvings, complex patterns, elegant furniture and other exhibits. Here you will see the highest forms of beauty in the best Uzbek traditions.

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