Lesson 2 Lesson Plan

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Lesson PLAN 2
С И Кузнецов, Т Н Мельникова, Е Н Степанова , Uyqu, tush ko’rish, gipnoz, №1 маруза, №1 маруза, 1, matematika mustaqil ish(1), matematika mustaqil ish(1), zzfjzB1WyYYYl4TZTu7JatyA1REFuSpc4VcFYdJG-1, катта гимнастика 27 январ, катта гимнастика 27 январ, ovqat, ovqat, Sobirova Shoira, 48236 (1), 5-sinf nazorat ishi

Lesson 2

Lesson Plan


Course Type: practical

Semester: S1  S2


Time: 80 minutes

Number of Students:

Lesson Outline

1. Warm up activity

2. Listening comprehension. Interview

3. Grammar. Adverbs

4. Reading comprehension. Nobel Prize Winners in Science


Learning Outcomes:

1.Raise students awareness of latest scientific breakthroughs

2.Practice using adverb clauses in context

3.Teach students how to write a research paper abstract

By the end of the lesson the Students will have

  • an understanding of the terms

  • an ability use of adverb clauses and their functional descriptions

Materials used:

Preparation (Aids and Equipment)

1.Scale up 3.

2.Internet sites:


 flashcards


 poster pictures

power point presentation


 whiteboard

 markers

 blackboard

 scissors




 TV/DVD player

 tape-recorder

other: ­­­­­­________

Type of Assessment

ongoing assessment participation

ongoing assessment

Activity Type:

Lesson Length: 80 min

 individual  plenary discussion

 small group in pairs

 whole class (teacher-students)

In-Class Time: 80 min.

Out-of-Class Time: 10 min.

Teaching Model:

Students will be engaged in:

concept attainment

 cooperative learning

 discovery learning

 direct instruction

 presentation



skill attainment

independent activities

cooperative learning

 peer tutoring

 designing visuals


 pairing

whole group

 a project

 lecture


Detailed Procedure of the Lesson (Texnologiya xaritasi)


Teacher Activities

Student Activities

1.Introduction(20 minutes)

1. Warm up

Teacher draws students’ attention to the photo on the first page of a lesson and asks them to tell their opinions relating it to the title of the lesson.

2. Teacher gives students handouts with the gaps and asks them to fill in it.

Students focus their attention to the frame and tell about it their ideas.

Students listen and fill in the gaps. They compare their answers with each other.

2.Main part

(50 minutes)

Activity 1. Speaking task

Teacher divides students into small groups according to the number of learners. Ask them to think over different abbreviations in the table.

Activity 2. Grammar Teacher asks students to complete the table matching the adverbs and their roles in sentences.

Activity 3. Working with the different functioned Abbreviations and their functional descriptions

Activity 4.Read and give definitions to the underlined words in the Exercise 2.

Students work individually and present their answers.

Students work in pairs and present their answers.

Students do the task and compare their answers with their partners. They present their answers to the teacher.

Students work in groups and present the task.

  1. Closure


Teacher goes through the lesson stages and ends lesson.

Students work individually and give a summary of today’s lesson.

Reflection on Lesson Implementation

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