Lesson Grammar: Alphabet and to be and personal pronouns

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Lesson 1. Grammar Alphabet and to be and personal pronouns

Lesson 1. Grammar: Alphabet and to be and personal pronouns

Ismoilova Mamlakat

Task 1. The alphabet. There are 26 letters in English alphabet. They are in the following: Therse letters are vowels in English . A, E, I, O, U and sometimes Y 1. A a an apple, an aunt 2. E e an egg, an election 3. I I an ice-cream, an invitation 4. O o an orange, an octopus 5. U u an umbrella, an uncle The letter Y can be a vowel as in the words “symbols”, “cry”, “sky”, “fly”, “why”, or can be a consonant as in “yellow”, “yacht”, “yam” or “yesterday”. To be as a linking verb and present simple forms of to be A linking verb is a verb which connects a subject to its predicate without expressing an action. A linking verb is used to re-identify or describe its subject. The most common linking verb is the verb to be. There are 3 form of to be in present simple tense: am, is, are. Singular Plural I. I am I. We are II You are II. You are III He is III. They are She is It is Alan is a handsome. His father was the headmaster. This project is a disaster.

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