Lesson: Lesson An accident Aim of the lesson

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Lesson 2. An accident

Aim of the lesson: to talk with pupils about Noticing things

Upbringing aim:

According to the lesson’s educational purpose improve pupils’ knowledge, experience. Teach pupils new grammar rules, new words, improve their listening, reading, oral speech and writing skills.

Educational aim:

According to the lesson’s educational purpose improve pupils’ personal qualities like behavior, education etc. to improve pupils’ ideal-political knowledge, to form their developing skills and abilities.

Developmental aim:

According to the lesson’s educational purpose develop pupils’ personal skills, English learning, motivational skills, develop pupils’ self educational skills, analyzing and systematizing skills of knowledge, develop to report own ideas, communicative skills.

Type of the lesson:

Lessons of communication of new knowledge; Lessons of fixation of knowledge and of developing skills and abilities; Lessons of verification and control of knowledge; Lessons of systematization and revision of knowledge; Combined (mixed) lessons; Excursion lessons; Practical lessons.

Methodology of the lesson:

Traditional, non-traditional, modern, interactive

Materials and equipments:

Textbook ―Fly High 6‖, pictures, Internet, Computers, projector, etc.

Procedure of the lesson:

Organizational part:

Greeting. Working with pupils on duty.

Checking for homework and revision of the previous lesson:

Revision of the words. Pupils remember the words from the past lesson. Checking homework. Marking pupils

Play Guess. Ask Yes/No questions e.g. Were you doing your homework at 7pm yesterday/on Saturday?

No, I wasn't.

Were you watching TV at...?

Yes, I was.

2a Find the words in the Wordlist. Write the meaning.

Traffic, get on, get off, accident

2b Listen and repeat.

3a Answer the questions. Are you good at noticing things that happen around you? Do you usually remember what you notice? 3b Look and listen. Answer the question. Did the man notice all the things right?

3c Listen again. Find differences. e.g. The bus driver

3d Work in pairs. Close the Classbook. Play Memory Game.

e.g. A: The bus was standing near the cafe.

B: No, it wasn't. It was standing near the bank


Additional information:

Review of the lesson, doing exercises, listening to audio files, watching video lessons, movies, reading books, magazines, answering questions.


Marking pupils according to their homework and activities during the lesson.


Homework is given according to the academic plan

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