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Lesson planning

Date: 1.03.3018

Class: 1 "A"

Theme: Let's play

Pupils: 16

Teacher: Sulaymonova Mekhribon Abdukarimovna

Teaching tools: blackboard, handouts, pictures, laptop, animal toys.







Organization moment

  • Good morning dear pupils.

  • How are you?

  • Who is absent today?

  • What is the weather like today?

  • Great! Thank you.

  • Good morning teacher.

  • I am fine thank you

  • ….

  • Today is sunny


The 1st of March

Warming up

Ok, now we will watch a video and we will sing together Ok. Let's sing

Pupils sing the song Hello! Hello!.. with actions


Checking home task

At the previous lesson, we talked about the zoo animals and I gave you to paint the picture of the given animals on the page 68. Now I'll check your home tasks.

The pupils show their painted pictures to the teacher to be checked.


Page 68

Explaining new material

Our new theme for today is "Revision" and what animals we learnt. Let's revise them.

1.What animal is it? -crocodile

-frog -lion

-tiger -giraffe

-zebra -monkey

-parrot -elephant

2.What color is a crocodile(animal)?

3.How many legs does a crocodile (animals) have?

4.Is a crocodile (animals) big or small?

Pupils are obliged to pay attention in order to remind all names of wild animals and they try to answer to the questions.

1. It is crocodile (animals)

2. Crocodile is green

3. It has 4 (2) legs

4. It is big (small)


Theme: Let's play. (Revision)

Practice of a new material

Ok, now we will walk to the zoo. Try to remember all names of animals. Are you ready? Ok! (Watching video). What animals did you see?

Pupils should remember the names of wild animals by the help of the video.


*Extra-class activities

Now we will play a game. Firstly I will divide you into three groups: 1 group, 2 group, 3 group. OK choose the name to your group.

Ok, one member from each group should come to the blackboard. Here some toys of wild animals when I say the name of any animal you should give me the toy of that animal. Which group find more animals will be winner

Pupils should show the toy of animal which is asked by the teacher.


*Extra-class activities

Ok, now we play true or false game

I will give the information about any animal e.g. crocodile is brown and you should say it is true or false

Pupils listen attentively and they should try to identify it is true or false

*Extra-class activities

Again we will play group game. It is matching activity. You should draw a line to match the parents to their babies

Pupils get a worksheet and they work together



Now I will put you marks according to your participation in the lesson.

Thank you.


*Giving a home task

Just I will give you home task. You should paint the picture of the zoo on the page 69



Paint the picture on the page 68

End of the lesson

Our lesson is over.

Thank you for your attention and your participation

Good bye! See you

Thank you.

Good bye!

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