Lessons Learned shi cable Installer Fall from Scaffolding

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Lessons Learned

  • SHI Cable Installer Fall from Scaffolding –

  • 28 September 2005

Incident Description:

  • This incident occurred in the Samsung Heavy Industry (SHI) shipyard in Geoje, So. Korea, where the Lunskoye-A topsides are being constructed. The project is in the final stages of construction and mechanical completion prior to handover to commissioning.

  • As part of the final electrical work, heat tracing cable is being installed. An E&I subcontractor was performing final cable installation and termination in the Mud Pump Room on deck UD22. A worker had completed tie-wrapping a heat tracing cable on a cable rack 2.9 m. above a steel deck. While egressing towards a temporary installed vertical ladder to take a break he fell to the steel deck. He suffered fractures of left skull and right thumb.

  • Emergency response was very good. Shipyard emergency response personnel arrived within 10 minutes of the incident, stabilized the worker, and fitted a neck brace. The worker was transferred to local hospital by ambulance with the SHI clinic doctor and nurse and given a CAT scan and X-rays. The worker was then transferred to Masan Samsung Hospital by helicopter for detailed examination. The worker was moved from critical care to general care on 4th Oct.

  • He is expected to remain in the hospital for a month and should make a full recovery.

Incident Pictures

Things we learned (01):

Things we learned (02):

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