Mass Schedule Monday Friday: 8 a m. (English) (Juan Diego Chapel) Saturday: 5: 30 pm (English) Sundays: 7: 30 am (Spanish); 9: 00 am (English); 10: 30 am (English) and 12: 30 pm (Mariachi Choir/English) Eucharistic Adoration

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Mass Schedule 

Monday - Friday: 8 a.m.   (English)                            

(Juan Diego Chapel)                                   

Saturday: 5:30 pm (English)                      

Sundays: 7:30 am (Spanish); 9:00 am 

(English); 10:30 am (English)                    

and 12:30 pm (Mariachi Choir/English) 

Eucharistic Adoration              

Every 1st Friday of the Month in the 

Juan Diego Chapel 8:30 am - 5:00 pm




Confessions in the Parish Chapel every 

Saturday -  4:00 pm   


Contact Parish Office for guidelines. 

Mission San José  San Miguel de Aguayo                                      

A Franciscan Mission Founded February 20, 1720 * Established as a Parish September 23, 1932.





    Fr. Jose A. “Tony” Posadas, O. F. M., Pastor   



Deacons:  Santiago Rodriguez and Frank “Chip” Perry  


701 East Pyron Avenue, San Antonio, Texas    78214                                                                    



Phone:  (210) 922-0543        Fax: (210) 932-2271   




Office Hours: Mondays 1 pm - 5pm; Tues. - Fri.  8:00 am - 12:00 noon and 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm                  






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December 28, 2014 

My eyes have seen your salvation, which you have prepared in the sight of all the peoples. —                  

Luke 2:30-31 

 The Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph 



The scriptures of Israel are filled with many stories of barren couples 

who were miraculously granted the gift of children by God. Surely the 

best known among these is the first reading from today, from which Luke 

took inspiration when he recounted the miraculous birth of John the Bap-

tist to Zechariah and Elizabeth, and the more miraculous birth of Jesus to 

Mary and Joseph. In each instance, we are given examples or role mod-

els of those who trusted in God. More than examples of those who trust, 

they are models of self-surrender. They abandoned their own presuppositions and prejudices about 

the workings of the world and turned their lives over to belief in a God who can make life grow where 

none ought to; a God who can turn death around into a new and unimagined life; a God who can, today, 

take a tiny child of humble parents in an insignificant town and make him into a light for all the world. 

This is what we, as God’s holy family, are called to do each day: to trust not in ourselves and the way 

we think things should be, but to open ourselves and surrender ourselves in faith to a God of endless 


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This Week’s Calendar of Events 


Sun Dec 28 

Regular Mass Schedule   




7:30 am Little Fingerprints of God    



            Fundraiser-Taco Sale (MC)   




No Religious  Education Classes 

Mon Dec 29 

 7:00 pm Grupo de Oracion (Chapel)  





Tues Dec 30 


No Events Scheduled 

Wed Dec 31 


No Events Scheduled 

Thurs Jan 1 

 9:00 am  Mass - Solemnity of Mary  



(A Holy Day  of Obligation) - Office Closed


Fri Jan 2  

 No Events Scheduled - Office Closed 

Sat Jan 3 

 5:30 pm Mass 

Sun Jan 4 

 (Regular Mass Schedule)  No Religious  





Please pray for the sick in our Parish:  


Frances Jordan, Rosemary Perales, Rosemary Miranda, 

Alfred August, Luis Galindo, Marie Krajca, Anne 

Bernhard, Frances Rosales, Jean Pacheco, Gary 

Humphrey, Laura Rodriguez, Brenda Flores, Melva 

Munguia, Amedee & Minnie Juarez, Jesus I. Juarez, 

Leroy Guerra, Ruben Juarez, Freddie Steel, Philip 

Taylor, Ernestine Taylor, Incarnacion Rivera, Ellen 

Lopez, Richard Lawson


Mission San Jose Catholic Church 

The Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph


Mass  Intentions for this Week                                   

Sat Dec 27 

5:30 pm  

† Daniel B. Martinez, † Ernest B. 


† Martin Gomez, III 

Sun Dec 28 

 7:30 am  

† Adan De Leon  




† Santos V. Garza-Birthday and



† Hermenejildo Garza 


                9:00 am  All families                                    


                               Juan de La Garza-Thanksgiving 




† Irma Martinez Sandoval Anniv.


               12:30 pm   Guadalupana Ministry 

Mon Dec 29 

 8:00 am  

† Adan De Leon  



                Richard Lawson - Healing 

Tues Dec 30 

8:00 am  

† Adan De Leon   



               Frances Rosales 

Wed Dec 31 

8:00 am 

† Adan De Leon   




† Bob Muillenburg 

Thurs Jan 1 

 9:00 am  

† Adan De Leon  




† Deacon Mike Munoz 

Fri Jan 2  

8:00 am 

† Adan De Leon   




 Carl Zigmond   







Sat Jan 3 

5:30 pm 

† Adan De Leon   



Deceased members of the Krajca &             




Sun Jan 4 

7:30 am  

† Adan De Leon   




† Bob Muilenburg  


             10:30 am  Sue Ann & J.A.Garcia-in Memory


December 28, 2014 


Blessed are those who fear the Lord and walk in his ways. 

Collections for Dec. 13 - Dec. 14.  

La Virgen de Guadalupe Mass Dec. 12:  $ 95.46 


1st Collections Dec. 13-Dec 14 

5:30    $405.60 

7:30    $601.00 

9:00    $1253.01 

10:30  $1055.55 

12:30  $663.09 


Psalm 128:1-2,3,4-5 

2nd Collections for Retired men 

and women religious: $573.30



In observance of the 

Solemnity of Mary, 

Holy Mother of God 

and New Year’s Day, 

the Parish Office will be closed on 

Thursday, January 1, 2015    and Friday, 

January 2, 2015.  May you and your 

families have a safe, prosperous and 

blessed New Year. 



San Antonio, Texas 

Page 3 


Bulletin Deadlines:  The Bulletin for this week-end was submitted on Thursday,        

December 18th because of the Christmas Holidays and the January 4 week-end 

bulletin was submitted on Dec 23, also a holiday deadline.  Please remember that when 

we have an office or Church holiday, the bulletin deadlines will occur at least 10 days 

and not 4 days, before each particular week-end.  We greatly appreciate your 

continued efforts to transmit the bulletin in a timely fashion.  If you have questions 

during the year regarding bulletin deadlines, please call Diana at the Parish Office.  

Fr. Tony

’s Wishes for 2015 


1.  More volunteers for all established ministries like Lectors, 

Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist, altar servers and ushers, and 

visitors of the sick and homebound. 

2.  Weekend volunteers to meet and greet visitors and to share our stories 

about Mission San Jose. They would insure that our guests would 

respect our beautiful church and evangelize at the same time. 

3.  We have in our community musicians and singers and  I hope that they 

would be willing to learn about and participate in the worship music 

ministries of our church. 

4.  Our building committee needs to get more people willing to get 

involved with the fundraising and development of our plans. 

5.  Parishioners who have backgrounds in finance and business to get 

involved in a new stewardship committee so that our church can have 

the means to grow and develop and not just keep up with expenses.  


These are just wishes, but they can come true only if you are willing to 

serve our church. None of these require perfection from you all, only the 

desire to serve and build up our church. Already you and your faith make 

Mission San Jose a place others want to visit and pray with, now I am asking 

you to participate in the next step after worship: to build and proclaim the 

Church of God.  


Happy New Year, and may the God of all kindness  and generosity bring 

you and the ones you love good things in 2015! 

Fr. Tony Posadas 

Page 4 

From the Muilenburg family… 

We were extremely touched by the beautiful tribute to our dad that 

was in last weeks bulletin. Furthermore the moving and poignant 

eulogy by Father Tony said it all.  The  family wishes to express our thanks and 

gratitude for all the support we have received. We appreciate all the hard work that 

was done behind the scenes to make it easier for the family to get through this 

sorrowful time. Most of all was the love and respect that has been shown for our dad 

by the parishioners of San Jose and across the Archdiocese. Dad would want to wish 

you all a safe and joyous Christmas season. And he would remind us that "Jesus is the 

reason for the season". 

The Muilenburg family





The community of Mission San Jose is in critical need for gathering and educational facilities. 

Our Parish receives no funding from the National Parks or from Las Misiones Foundation.  

Donations received will help us carry out our Master Plan to replace our humble and worn 

out buildings.  Our Plan is a three phased project.  Phase I was completed with the building 

of our Administration building.  Phase II will be for construction of a Pavilion to replace our 

Mini-Center and Phase III for a Community Event Center to replace our Parish Hall/Senior 


Our Building Fund is set up with The Catholic Community Foundation.  To donate, use our 

Building Fund Envelope or make check payable to: The Trust Company, Custodian-- on the 

memo of the check, write: “For Mission San Jose Church”.   

For on-line giving, go to  If needed, our office can assist you in making the 

donation on-line if you do not have internet service or a computer.  Please help us keep our 

Parish moving forward. Your donations will be gratefully appreciated.


Saturday, February 21, 2015 - San Antonio, Texas 

Catholic Men’s Conference.   Mission:  The Catholic Men’s Conference 

promotes a deeper understanding of our dignity as being created in the image 

& likeness of God, and provides direction and resources to help transform 

ourselves, our families, and society. Registration forms available in the Parish  

Office or call 210-521-3377. 

Page 5 


    No Breakfast scheduled; 2nd 

Collection: Church Maintenance 

Next Week:  Altar Society Bake Sale; 2nd 

Collection: Church Maintenance 



Blessed are those who fear the Lord and walk in his ways. 

so this is after Christmas... 


We are still in the Advent Season.  Yes, 

Christmas, the Nativity of Jesus 

has come and gone or has it?  The 

Liturgical calendar is quite amazing if we 

stop, examine and learn the seasons.  The way I 

have come to appreciate the Liturgical calendar is to 

recognize that the seasons never really end, they 

are continuous. We have Ordinary time, but look at 

it as "ordering your daily life".  We have Lent, when 

we prepare to receive the Paschal Mystery: the life, 

death,  resurrection, Ascension and the coming of 

the Holy Spirit.  We have Advent, the coming 

of Jesus through his Nativity when we prepare to 

receive Jesus.   


Therefore, we should live in all seasons of the 

Liturgical calendar for all the seasons are relevant to 

our daily lives.  When we being Lent, we are called 

to repent and believe in the Good News.  When 

Ordinary time begins, we are to continue to reflect 

on Advent and Lent, not forget and become 

complacent as in the use of the term "ordinary", 

make it extraordinary to live out our faith. 



Peace and Blessings  

Francisco Suniga

, Jr., Coordinator of Religious 


Mission San Jose 

Men’s Prayer Group



Beginning in January our meetings 

will be held every other week. 

Please see the dates below. 


January 14, in the Mini Center  

January 28, in the Parish Hall 

Feb 11, in the Mini Center 

Feb 25, in the Parish Hall 

(More dates will be posted soon) 


All our prayer meetings start at 7:00 

and end at 8:30pm Please join us 

for prayer and reflection. For more 

information please call, 


Jimenez at (210) 414-8245 

     We would like to express 

our sincere gratitude for the 

time and contributions made 

by all MSJ Church families 

and friends who assisted in the 

organization and facilitation of LAS 

POSADAS.  We do anticipate the same 

guidance, advice and support from 

everyone next year.  It is such a 

blessing to see how much everyone 

cares.  May God bless you and yours 

this Holiday Season! 


Alex & Elisa Trevino  


Coffee with the Saints 


All women of our Parish & Community are invited to 

join us for "Coffee with the Saints."  We look forward to 

seeing you at our next monthly gathering as we learn 

about St. Joseph/San Jose, the Patron of our Church.   

Let the Saints lead you to a deeper spiritual life. Our next 

gathering will be held on Sat., Jan. 31st, from 8:30 – 

10:00 a.m. in the Parish Center. You are  welcome and 

encouraged to bring a guest. For more info, call Deborah 

OrtizVillanueva (210) 313-1819, or Joann Baird                  

(210) 410-0361  


HOLY NAME SOCIETY                


Jan 11 - Corporate Communion Mass - 9 am              

Mission San Jose Church 

Jan. 12 - Monthly Meeting - 7pm MiniCenter-MSJ 

Jan. 25 - Hour of Prayer - Holy Family Catholic 

Church, 245  Hidalgo Ave., New Braunfels, Tx. 

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